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  1. +1 I feel like no matter how many players I report a new one pops up a second later.
  2. Let me draw your Lyn

    I'd be honored if you'd like to draw my beautiful Spider:
  3. I experienced the same issues during the beta when at first the launcher worked fine but then it wouldn't let me into the game. My laptop 'lost' memory whenever I opened the client and even after closing it it stays the same until I reboot. I was able to download, update and launch the game just fine for name reservation and at the start of the headstart. But about an hour in my game crashed, I tried to get back but the memory loss was there so I had to reboot. After rebooting it worked fine again but after the next crash it has been impossible for me to get in again. The gameplay itself works great. I tried to reinstall, but as you can see I keep getting the same issue: I can't take screenshots when my laptop is experiencing memory loss, so I had to use my phone.
  4. Launcher issues

    Last beta I had issues with the launcher giving my laptop a memory leak: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/141686-unable-to-access-game/ Once beta 3 came out, I reinstalled bns and everything worked fine for a day. But after logging in and out (updated my founders pack), I couldn't access the game anymore. The physical memory thing happened again, where my physical memory is at 98% and doesn't disappear even after closing the launcher. I'm not sure if this happened after it repaired a few files, because I could play after it repaired. But once I relogged again the problems started.
  5. Unable to access game

    I have been experiencing a lot of weird things with the updater/launcher today and yesterday. After updating the current client I had from beta 1, I managed to get online to play. But after closing the game and then trying to access it again, my laptop started doing some really weird things. Physical memory, which is usually at around 40-60%, went up to 98% which caused my laptop to lag A LOT. I was unable to access the game at all and the client kept crashing for me. I have rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled. Somehow I'm getting a memory leak with this launcher and I don't know what's causing it. When I closed the launcher the first time, the physical memory went back to normal after a few minutes, but now it can take over 30minutes for it to "find" the memory again. I was able to play closed beta 1 just fine, it was after the update that things started to act weird.