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  1. How is the playerbase now?

    downloading rn, hope i get some good ol nostalgia
  2. How is the playerbase now?

    oh and do arenas still have the bots problem
  3. Haven't really played since march last year and I was considering it again, just curious how populated servers are now compared to then?
  4. i switched from jaesung's build to a flame pve build and i do like 4x damage i usually do in arena and i went on a 8 game win streak... why dont most fm's do this
  5. it cost 5 for me rn im at awakened siren
  6. i've probably opened atleast 100 boxes and i haven't gotten any besides the daily dash is the chance like 0.01% or something
  7. so i installed this game on my hdd at first and i wanted to know if there's a way to move it to my other drive without having to reinstall because it takes alot of time.
  8. so i main FM and it seems every class has a way to start blocking or resisting all my attacks for a duration of time and i don't know what it is and what to do against it, sometimes i even die because i get stunned when i attack someone. this isn't a salty post or anything im just wondering what the counterplay to this is
  9. i was in the arena with my blade dancer and i fought this fm who was probably hacking and she teleported behind me and stunned me and just kept freezing me. wtf do i do as a bd this force master class needs a nerf or im quitting arena