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  1. Currency Exchange

    It's like 3-5g right now. So stupid. I hate people lol.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    My Summoner My Assassin My Force Master And my Blade Dancer
  3. FFS atleast give us a compensation

    I smell entitlement.
  4. I learned my lesson the hard way as well. Bidded on a blue ring so I could use it as an upgrade. Yeah didn't realize the party leader had all bids starting at 1g until like way later in the dungeon and I didn't have to option to bid on anything else until someone pointed out that I didn't have to gold after showing a screenshot and that's when I realized I got screwed over. It sucks, it happens. Just have to be more aware of what you're bidding on. But I do agree they should add a 1 second delay or something in between bids so people don't accidentally bid something they didn't want to. Personally I really don't like the bidding system at all. Yeah it's a good way to make some extra gold if something drops and you don't want it but other than that? I like the classic roll system a lot more and locking it to if you can actually use it or not when it comes to gear.
  5. PvE build for BD?

    I'm looking for a good PvE BD build. Mainly for leveling but also for end game. I have summoner at 45 and my FM at 40. I also have a sin around the same level as my BD and idk I feel like I'm having to stop a lot more to eat and get my health up than any other class I've played. I'm not sure if I'm just putting my points into the wrong talents or it's just a BD thing. I keep hearing they're supposed to have some of the highest damage but I feel like it takes me twice as long to kill anything unless my main abilities are off CD (C and the q/e combo to get instant rmb). And the RMB F proc rarely ever procs and I'm surprised if it ever does. Idk I feel like I'm doing something very wrong with my BD and it's just not fun lol. I haven't really found any videos on youtube like with other classes and anytime I look through reddit or the forums people just say they went with a wind build or with a lightning build. I don't know what that means though! LOL I'm at the point where I kind of just want to give up on my BD and focus on my sin because I'm surprisingly having an easier time with that. I mean I know arena will be more difficult but I'm not even focused on that right now. TIA ETA came across this build and I'm going to try it out and see how it goes for me. https://bnstree.com/BD/NJM4V8yvl But any other tips would be great too!
  6. Status Icon for FM?

    Thank you! :D
  7. Status Icon for FM?

    I was wondering this as well, hope someone can answer.
  8. Abusing of lootrules in instances

    This definitely needs to be looked into and I hope the devs realize this or at least look into it at the very least.
  9. Why are 45s runing lowbie dungeon? STOP!!!

    I don't care if they're doing it for dailies or crafting/upgrade material. If there are lowbies in the group slow down so they get credit for what they need as well. It's not always about you, you want to speed through things run it solo and stop wasting every one else's time. That's the thing that sucks about the dungeon system though. If a higher level can solo it and queue with lower levels and they do this it screws them over (happened to me in ToE more than once). And even if there isn't a huge level gap some things you can solo and people will solo because it's not your holy trinity game with a dps, healer, and tank. It's frustrating and people need to be a little more considerate if they're going to be doing cross server low level dungeons.
  10. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Really not happy with their decision to add RNG boxes in. If they just added the costume to the store heck yeah I would have bought it. RNG box? Yeah, no...
  11. Blade dancer RMB animation missing

    Yeah I avoided it as well until it just got on my nerves. I then caved and re-installed lol.
  12. Blade dancer RMB animation missing

    Had the same problem. You'd likely also see it on FM meteor shower ability. Repairing does nothing but completely removing the game and re-installing fixed this issue for me. Sucks that I had to do that but I no longer have a disco dance floor going on, on my screen lol.
  13. Transfer Ncoin items

    I really hope so. I claimed my Daily Dash outfit on a character I thought I'd like but turns out I don't really like the class much at all. :(

    Really? lol
  15. Game Crashes after NCSoft Logo

    Yup I think it's kind of dumb for them to add more content when the current content still needs to be fixed. But I'm no developer lol.