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  1. How many times have they used the sentence: "WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE AND WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THIS WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN IN THE FUTURE."? I think every single big update.
  2. lolol they think that if this game dies they will just get transferred to a new project, HA! Big Boss will just pull the plug on the whole team for their incompetence.
  3. @Cyan Mr. Community Coordinator, how are you going to fix this problem you guys have created? A simple apology isn't going to calm the crowd, you have to contact the devs and find a solution. SOMEWHERE DEEEEP inside, I feel like it's a tactic to bump up the low oil price in a very underhanded manner. I suggest you to man up and own it up. And let it be a valuable lesson that one needs to be RESPONSIBLE for whatever one says or write, in any professional field of work.
  4. Basically, move aside plebs this is a whale's toy. Maxing out a new gear day 1 is something a TRUE whale can do with an easy swipe of the card. But if you wanna max out asap don't wanna spend money on it, then shut up and better start grinding your life away like the pleb you are.
  5. @Youmukon I heard you guys mentioned that there will be reduction of mats for many gear trees, I wonder when we will be seeing the spreadsheet for that. Edit: PS, when are you guys finally going to make VT-mystic badge mats account bound?
  6. Thanks guys, although I am sad that I don't have a soul. It's comforting to see people with such positive attitude like you guys :). Faith in the BnS Community is restored a bit ;_)
  7. Let's get real Snuggle, the outfits wouldn't justify the hours and efforts and money you spent on those souls.
  8. I can feel your pain. I've been playing catch up ever since I was done with exams. I missed 3-3.5 weeks worth of event cause I had exams. A senior college student doesn't have the luxury of "studying 1 day before and still Acing it". People always say things like it only takes a few hours to do them. Well you know much studies can be done in a few hours .... I even saved up all the chances to work on it in 1 go. I used them today and it all failed............. stuck at 47%. Nothing compared to the 100% or 94%. but still I poured all my energy into it. Every. single. day.
  9. As a late-comer to the soul event like many others, I will never be able to get an awakened soul cause I had exams before and couldn't do the whole event. I saved up like 5 tries to use it all at once. All failed. What's the worse thing about this? After this event people are going to put requirements on souls and claim, "you had a whole event to work on your soul".
  10. Demands justice for Premium Transformation Stones!!!! Remove fail rate! Remove fail rate! D:<. I am stuck on so many gears cause I need a gazillion pts! And I spend 10h-12h on my day offs farming my ass off so no body tell me I am just lazy D:<.
  11. nowwww that is a wonderful analogue, thanks brah . Alright people. this is the point Zordrage and I and many that came before us tried to make.
  12. woah woah woah hold it. He had a even higher wall when it came out. so chill. But the upside was he could relevant dungeon back then and farm mats ( Oi oldie, remember EC-hard mode for elysian orbs?) So even with the high wall he could manage it (not that he didn't have a wall) But, they significant lowered the rewards from the dungeons that were used to farm for mats and gold to get and upgrade raven without reducing the upgrade cost from Seraph/Baleful to Raven. (this is the point I am trying to make really) and not making the mats more easily accessible. Cause really so few people are will
  13. Also again, the upgrade cost isn't simply empyrean stones, they are so many other items D:<. They still have to farm from scratch for every item! So it's still not a free item. But the wall (hurdle) is lowered significantly.
  14. Baleful/Seraph is entry-level for old content, dungeons that no one even bother to run anymore if it isn't part of daily, heck even the legendary items from those dungeons are practically being given away so newer players don't have to farm it. All I see is a salty old-time player who paid lots of gold for it when it came out but refuses to accept that time has changed so has the requirements and values
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