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  1. Ok. just to be clear. getting a VT raid isn't hard and thus getting up the aransu path isn't hard either. but for the few players who play with the exalted and dragon weapon the grind is redicules. people bid for sea glass for no apparent reaso. while i've checked the equipment paths I can't find any place you need them for anything else than weapon. while I know that blood pearls are needed for alot more it just makes no sense to me. apart from that could we talk about the seriously low drop rate? either I don't know of some secret place to farm them but currently grabbing them in dungeons ar
  2. Well as a outfit and cosmetic collector I would like to tell you that the balance is just redicules since things like fire gunners can oneshot the people at the wheel, the balance is gone because of the whales are able to oneshot the players who can't reach pvp gear good enough so you won't be killed in 0.1 but 3 seconds, so please make it such that there is at the least a 50% chance that the heart fragments drops if you kill another player, because then the non pvp'ers can farm it in peace and the whales can go have fun and grind it easily
  3. Basicaly recently I've been having some problems with my game not loading because XIGNCODE3 doesn't want to start so it takes like 20-40 min to start the game is there anyone who knows how I can fix this? (a little sidenote) I've been trying to uninstall the game but that apparently doesn't work so I can't even reinstall....
  4. Honestly gunslinger is a overcrowded class if you want to feel needed go get a tank class specifically a KFM or something because then you have both tanking and blue buff, also gunslinger has quite alot of damage because of the burst on fire or the powerfull sustained dps on shadow, so basically no, gunslinger isn't just a trash pvp class it's got it's place in pve there is just a little too many who plays it since it's the easiest class to play
  5. Because people don't like doing Necro and alot of old players doesn't have it from the story so they need to manually collect it from necro to get it for upgrading their accs
  6. as in the title I'm sure there must be more than just me who has had enough with seeing this every single day just to collect about 600k exp? because this is just dumb, couldn't we just get a system to collect them straight to your inventory when clicking the claim button?!
  7. actually that is wrong specifically the enrage timer is not the hard thing that is simply just the players being silly and not bringing their a game, but it's the damage recieved and the a little too hard mechs
  8. ok. after 3 hours of wipes we have done it! we finally killed poh, this is just not ok, I know people will get better but this is no event dungeon, it's a redicules challenge beyond what should be ok besides this is not what advertised, people have 10k hp which is basically being level 30 or something your dps is terrible and not reflective of level 45 players back at launch, if you're not very carefull you're dead in 2 hits and 3 if you're a melee class, the numbers don't add up and lets not get started on the 2 seconds you have to survive the wipe mechanics so no this is not a fun event
  9. So we have now had 5 wipes trying to figure this out, apparently poh's ice attack just applies regardles of pulling the lever and standing on the vents we've tried doing it the last possible second and as early as possible and still no result other than a good old fashinoed TPK is there something we are missing or is this just a bug?
  10. we where promised more easily accessable gems that's true but we where never promised exactly how it was to happen we where only shown a possible system in a subject to change preview and then everyone got so hyped they thought all of this was set in stone I just read through the patch notes and nowhere does it say that what we saw in the stream was the thing to happen
  11. Why is everyone so mad about hyping themself about a "subject to change" matter?! seriusly this is brand new stuff and people get super angry about buying up alot of radiant energies in a subject that wasn't even finalised? I don't get this community sometimes and this is one of them, everyone I see is crying about having been naive enough to spend all that they own on something that wasn't set in stone and demmand that NCsoft plays parents for their own mistakes
  12. I would appreciate it but thank you
  13. can someone please explain to me why we don't have a Miko/shrine maiden outfit? because I seriusly would want one
  14. I feel cheated that there is no variant for lyn females! especially since lyns with boobs is the best thing ever!
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