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  1. Theoretically, if you have a skill that gives you Willpower (example Typhoon - Execute from DES) that will decrease the duration of the CC, as it's said in the description of Willpower; I said 'in theory' because even if I used Willpower, I didn't see much a difference. About the Recovery I don't know what it should do, and I myself am curious about what is this buff and how it could be useful (description in your tab doesn't help at all).
  2. Greetings, warriors! I saw on YouTube some videos about War Song SB, that seems to be a really good badge to increase dps by a lot, for example for Warrior. 2 days ago I finally got the Songbird SB for my Reaper Destroyer (I don't have the other SB to fuse and I don't have the Divine Grace Stone either) , I checked what were the War Song enanchements for my class, and I realized it's very good for Des too: -Galeforce reduces cd of Fury by 0.8 secs when it hits; -Galeforce reduces cd of Annihilation by 0.6 secs too; -Eradicate reduces cd of Galeforce by 1 sec.
  3. Greetings. As you know, we can change outfits as much as we want without charging, but changing weapon appearance costs gold, and if you have the legendary weapon (Raven, Riftwalk, Aransu etc) it can cost 20g and more. That amount of gold could be nothing for players who have like 10k gold in their pockets, or Premium members that can even pay 1g for that, but think about this: a normal player, who have less gold than those ones, and he must use most of it for upgrading materials, jewels, elements and whatnot, BUT he has a cool outfit and he wants the matching weapon to go with it,
  4. To see if crafting the Empyrean was worth it I checked BnSTools, but by few days it didn't work even if it was on marketplace; but even if I had that way to check the price, I simply wanted to know how other players dealt with the ESS and if there were other ways to get them. Now that is out of the way, there's another problem: how many ESS to craft? 9 and 20 require way too many materials and gold, but are 3 ESS enough to get the important upgrades? Are they used only to pass from Storm to Aransu (an example), or are they even needed to upgrade Aransu 1 -> 2 -> ... -> Cel
  5. Ok, about the problem I simply deleted my Warden.temp, created a new one and this time I saved every appearance and...SHE LIVES! AND SHE'S BEAUTIFUL AS EVER, EXACTLY AS I WANTED HER! Thank you for your help, guys.
  6. Greetings, warriors. I am a Reaper Destroyer with a Raven stuck at tier 5 for ages (various reasons occurred), and I got as a reward a Riftwalk tier 3 from the orange quest a couple of days ago. Now, I know I should upgrade the Riftwalk because it's cheaper than Raven, and use the Raven for damage, but when you go from Riftwalk -> Raven or Storm Dragon -> Aransu you must use an Empyrean Spirit Stone that is an expensive item like the Premium Transformation Stone, so considering: -you can craft it with Forgekeepers; -you can buy it from marketplace; -I think you c
  7. Greetings, warriors! I created this topic to talk about the future of the game, because to me it seems like the game is slowing going downward for various reasons, and I want to at least make people know the consequences of some bad attitude towards the game. I will start saying this: I like the game, the mechanics are really good, the characters are really cool, the maps are really enticing to me; the only thing I am sad about it's the fact I have an old PC and I can't enjoy the graphics of everything, and I wanted to get a decent one to put all settings at max. The story, I enjoyed ever
  8. The point is it's not like the character in-game was slightly different from the one on the screen, but all the changes were nonexistent: I made her with silver hair, and the hair was white as default; her eyes were supposed to be blue ocean with a specific iris, and instead they were brown and with normal iris. I don't know how it deleted the custom features, it's possible it happened when I clicked Back at one point to see something about the character and maybe it reverted all that, but if that's so that would be awful, like you go check if it's everything all right and the game decides to
  9. Greetings, warriors. I will tell you a tale about something amazing that was happening, and then the tragedy happened. I had my mind set on this for a while, so today I decided to create a Warden and to use the lvl 60 boost voucher I had in storage for a while; so I created my beautiful Gon, I checked everything at minimum detail, and even if the customization wasn't enough to make her exactly as Rossweisse, the Valkyrie from a certain anime (she's one of my favourite character), she was quite similar and she was beautiful. After I accepted the features, I chose the name and even if I had
  10. I have to agree to the guy saying this event it only for people with high gear, and that is not forgivable because I thought these events were supposed to help low gear people get better items or reduce the costs of upgrades. Here's what I expected before I knew how you earned the Resurgence Emblems: -I have VT SS, and the Dragon express sells 3 pieces of TT SS --> I need it, because it's the last SS and I can get at least 3 pieces; -I have eptagonal and hexagonal, Dragon ex sells Octagonal --> I need them, it's straight upgrade; I killed 3 stages of Sacred Longuii an
  11. 3 Piledriver in rapid succession? How is that possible? What combo do you use for that?
  12. Same here. I wanted to reduce the size of the launcher home screen, but the bottom part is overlapped by the application bar, so I can't reduce its size on the screen; the updating progress is barely visible, and the Start game button is at 50% visible. In this way is impossible to reduce its size no matter what (you can't use the resize sliders on the bottom edge because of that), so you can only go full screen or having the launcher still occupying 80% of your screen, clearly an eyesore. I hope they will fix this soon.
  13. So Scar is useless, the passive with that 4% is meh, and they even removed the ONLY way to strip players from their defensive skills and counters with the Kick? How am I supposed to use this class in PVP seriously? People could cancel Stone Shield by snapping their fingers, the Kick was the easier way to do the same (3rd move Knee was another, but it was hard to use it, and also IMPOSSIBLE vs KFM block, because you had to have insane reactions), and half the changes they made for Des were to no avail, because you will never stack Scars with a defensive skill. It's like if they decided to make
  14. I forgot to ask you about this: you can hold Annihilate to deal more damage? I mean I have to keep pressing X for 2 secs for the final hit? I didn't know that, I tried to do as the tooltip said (holding X), but it seemed like it was the same, the UI for the X skill didn't show any feature as what would happen while holding X. Also the talent tree said Annihilation had 3 Stages, but I still don't understand how to get to the final one, unless it's the thing you said.
  15. I read that Scar debuff was triggered by Stone Shield, but I use Iron Plating almost immediately everytime I see the red AoE from bosses; also, I kept an eye on the bosses debuffs to see if they got Scar (if what you said was correct, I would have put at least 1 Scar debuff when the boss hit me with the AoE while I was doing Iron Plating), and I think there was no debuff whatsoever, I don't know; in addition, even if it worked somehow the fact that Scar is bounded to a defensive skill like Stone Shield, instead of an attack skill it makes it not viable: if you don't get hit while on Stone Shie
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