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  1. Mao Gloves

    5 gloves, 29 runs. :^]
  2. I keep getting a lot of the Debuff Hexagonal Obsidian Gems from Tower of Infinity and there is no way to make them into a Debuff Heptagonal Obsidian.... Would love an option to Transmute them instead of holding on to them and taking my inventory space... I have 4 of them now... Anyone have this problem as well?
  3. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    But hey guys! you got Trove to get your moonstones.....!
  4. Fall Trove 2018

  5. TeMmIE WoULd g0 witH lYn f0rce MaSTr or lYn wArL0cK
  6. Moonstone, mushin 15, wake up

    I agree with you, Farming Moonstones either raw or crystal is a pain... Raw moonstones in PvP blocks new players from craft materials they need to advancing... They also get screwd in F8 as well since their AP isn't high enough. I feel bad for all new players.
  7. Free to Play players in extinction

    just go to Battleground and pray to NCsoft god that you get Whales in your party. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Isn't that sad that you have to make other people suffer to farm moonstones?
  8. Great, I blew so many soulstones and sacred crystal on 30/15 price and of course now it goes down......... FML
  9. Gold making strategies

    Find a Clan, Go run dailies, dungeons, weeklies and BT raids.
  10. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    The only problem I'm having is Farming Soulstone plains though. The Prestige is really freaking bad. Fighting Farmer Gunners that have Aransu and True Transcendence is really tough though. =[
  11. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    i just made a macro with my mouse to type the word Salvage with my Mouse5 button. It was super easy to do it with my Corsair mouse. :D You should try it out. SalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvageSalvage
  12. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    Farming SSP, Grand Haverst Squre,, and Mushins 1 thru 8 will give you a lot of Jewelry but for Weapons, I have no clue where a perfect place to farm them other than buying them from NPC and doing your dailies. I Agree though, I ran out of Soulstones and Sacred Crystals. Starting to Farm SSP even though it hella sucks.
  13. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    What pisses me off about this event is the damn Lever Mechanic! Really!!! 2 secs timeframe to pull the lever and then get back onto the vent pad before she freezes everyone. You do it too early, everyone dies.... Too late, everyone dies.... What's worse is you can't even hear the bomb ticking when you need to pull the lever, the sound goes away for being too far. Like WTF??!!?!! Don't get me started on the Two Tigers you can't kill at all that bum rushes you the whole time after 30%. Give me a freaking break.... Kill yourself whoever though this was fun, stupid troll programmers