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  1. Thinking about spending 20$ or so for 20-30 keys, looking at videos seems meh, not really much profit unless you get the gold rare treasure chest which I'm not sure happens to often, what's your guys expieriences?
  2. This game does not have "rotations". In this game all classes spam the same 2-3 moves, it's not very intelligence based. Warlock's combo isn't hard, it just requires your attention the entire time and a bit of speed. Warlocks V "Wingstorm" summons 3 waves of cards that hits the enemy, each wave that hits unlocks Dragoncall or Helix. Basically you just spam Wingstorm and use Dragoncall or Helix 3 times per wingstorm, and spam right click between each Wingstorm hit. Once your 3 Wingstorm card phases hit, you reset Wingstorm by using either the 3 move, leech move, soulburn, and another one I thin
  3. Definently Mushin or Pohoran if you're coming NA ( you should )
  4. Most likely discounted items in the shop like most people are saying.
  5. In-game profile how to upload a custom one instead of just your character?
  6. There are 6 server GROUPS 2 alive ( mushin group , pohoran group) 1 meh (soha group and 3 DEAD. (all other servers) Please merge again or do something because those servers are a desert.
  7. Go to mail npc Click mail Switch to blocked tab Input name + items - The person does not have to be blocked I think, it just automatically sends
  8. I still can not mail anything through any of my characters and yes I've spent real life money on this game before, at least 100$.
  9. Some people are saying if you do all sidequest up to the cinderlands just doing the story after that will get you to lvl 50 with hm3 or something???
  10. Ok so I'm 50 warlock hm4 and I'm a bit confused. People tell me to get dragoncall volume 2 and i see if i do it enables "gain 2 spectral orb on critical dragon helix" what i don't get is how this effects my combo? there is no point because by the time it criticals the next wingstorm hits and it resets so you don't get to cast it or is it suppose to be for when ur v, 3, and leesh are on cooldown so u spam bombardment with rupture hope critical and get some helix dragon pulled off? sorry if this makes no sense but try to help pls
  11. Could someone put them in order for strongest to weakest dps wise please,
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