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  1. You're talking about the lip twitch and smirk on lyn, and whatever else it is on other races.
  2. Reset all tabs of your settings and it will fix the problem. This happens when you use ctrl+f and optimize for combat too often. Toggling these on disables a number of settings, and toggling the option off does not turn everything it disabled back on.
  3. Let me give you another example: "In the world of Bogeymen, ookas or ookalakalakas are known for their greatness. I'd like to think I'm witnessing the making of an ookalakalaka." So in this sentence, can you please tell me, what is an Ooka and an Ookalakalaka? If it is a bogeyman, why did I not just use the same word? All Dochun "clarified" is that Jyan is a term in the "realm of warriors" -- doesn't specify what a jyan is. A type of warrior, duh? What type? WTF does it mean? And why do random strangers we encounter in game call us Jyan right away? Do we have a tat
  4. Why do random NPCs who I just met keep calling me that? It just makes no sense.
  5. Sorry but explaining the relationship between a Jyan and Jyansei is not providing a definition of what a Jyan is in the first place. "In the world of warriors [this word that has not been defined yet] who have attained greatness are known as jyansei (or lvl 2 "word that has not been defined")."
  6. Anybody? According to google it's Korean for "John." Why the hell would all these random NPCs be calling me john? You know for all the "localization" they did they could've at least gotten rid of stupid, utterly meaningless in English asian "titles" or whatever the hell "Jyan" is supposed to be.
  7. It is giftable but not tradeable. Supposedly we will be getting an NCoing exchange system in game sooner or later which would enable folks to buy NCoin with game gold. And just to clarify: someone on page 1 said "you keep your premium benefits as you rank up" -- you only get the benefits if you have active premium. So you can be rank 9000 and when your premium expires you lose all benefits. When you renew premium you get all of the benefits back.
  8. Lol. Yea, she does look like a bit of a bratty diva. It wasn't intentional though lol.
  9. You can save your character's appearance in-game by going to ESC menu> photo gallery . appearance tab, and clicking at the bottom "save appearance, and "save" again on the preview window that comes up.
  10. I have premium but I agree it should be free. It was not designed to be premium exclusive. Did the original version even have a premium? Premium generally gives extras -- not unlocks built-in basic features of a game. Wardrobe is on f3. That's like saying you need to be premium to access f8 (dungeon matching) or f4 (friends list).
  11. You said: You equated women with large breasts and wide hips with "fat, ugly women" and differentiated them from "actually good looking women." It's not my reading comprehension that is the issue here. Anyway, I don;t care to participate in an immature and useless argument. deadlybeauties has been utterly obnoxious in this thread, and she deserves all the flack she's getting, but you made the same mistake she did -- generalizing and chastising looks in a really insulting and biased manner -- the only difference is you equated it to real women ("some countries..."), and she di
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