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  1. Liinxy I love you and this new system so much <3 It makes buying RNG boxes so much more fun!!!
  2. I'd rather have an actual answer to my question than another rant about player dissatisfaction in my thread. I'm not asking "should I buy boxes" I'm asking "Will this thread work going forwards, and should I save it, or do I need to spend it now because different thread will be used next time" I'm quite happy with what I got from my boxes. All I want is information so I can plan how to spend my tokens from the costumes I didn't want. If I can save my thread and they stack with future threads from similar events is all I want to know.
  3. I think the name is pretty cool to be honest. It actually sounds original
  4. That's not really what I'm asking though, I know what the threads can be used for, what I want to know is will the same designer threads from the current box be stackable and usable during future events If I were to turn in my tokens for thread now, or will they have a "new" designer thread in the future events that isn't compatible with the current thread. Like, if I save my threads up, can I get more during the next box that will work with my current threads... @Liinxy
  5. What is your current gear teir? I main a shadow WL, still raven, and might be able to help you figure out how to defeat him.
  6. Although I watched the stream, there is one point I am not 100% clear on regarding the use of Designer Thread for outfit loot box events such as this If I redeem my tokens for Designer Thread, will the Designer thread still be usable if I save it (instead of using it now) until another event arrives? And will it stack with new designer thread in events going forward, or will new events have different Designer Thread? I ask because I want to make 100% sure that saving my designer thread will mean I get to use it in the future with new designer thread
  7. I think they put the pink wings that were like Jinsoyun's in a couple different places ^_^ So I think it's still possible we will see these trove items in the future, especially if we request it enough on the forums. If you see threads about what costume you would like to see next, make sure to request the costumes from this trove! I asked for Regium Corvus in one of these threads and it was placed back into the store, so there is a chance!
  8. They will definitely be in the daily specials at some point ^.^ I managed to get quite a few things from past troves there
  9. Just curious. But if the long loading screen is unexpected when you normally load in immediately, then how are we supposed to communicate to the party when its not possible to type during a loading screen? I mean, I get telling people that your loading screens are slow if you already know they are. But that doesn't change the fact that there will be times when you cant predict a slow screen. For example, in my situation with cold storage, the game had been running fine all day, and then, all of a sudden, I hit a weird lag spike where I was getting slow screens, which is not normal for me at al
  10. I just got locked out of cold storage because my party decided waiting a few seconds for a loading screen was too much work for them, but passed on all the loot (even though they passed on all of it as well) Simply so that I wouldnt get accused of "Afking". Normally I have no trouble loading in, but the last three days have been hell cross server, and I cant solo on that particular character. So it would be nice if they could y'know...fix things so that people who are actually trying to play the game dont get punished for something they didnt do.
  11. Not everyone plays this game for power and upgrades, and that isn't wrong. This is a quality of life upgrade whether you think so or not. And just because this gets put in the game, doesn't mean other improvements won't. For the life of me I don't understand why people like you need to bellyache in every positive thread. Your issue is with the developer not with players who just want to enjoy the aesthetics of the game . God forbid we be happy because we like outfits. Do we stand here calling you an idiot and walking in threads about other issues demanding more outfits
  12. You're pretty witty yourself ;) I have no doubts that there are, in fact, legit "Newbies" on the forums. I'm completely aware of that. But since you're apparently new here, and didn't see what happened last time, don't assume everyone you see posting about this is legit. They spammed multiple NCSoft forums in a similar way with similar wording/topics during the DDOS after the release of MxM, all with brand new accounts. So my apologies if I don't seem to believe everything I see and hear any more, because I don't. At any other time, I wouldn't care about your post count
  13. Thanks for logging in for the first time ever just to tell me that. You've definitely curbed my suspicions. Are you speaking to me? If so, I never said it was a DDOS, but since we've been through this before (accompanied by the forum spam) its safe to assume as a player whos been around for a while that its possible. I'm also not "standing with" Ncsoft or anyone else for that matter. Merely pointing out the elephant in the room.
  14. Every time there's a server problem or major DDOS, these one-post-wonder accounts appear to spam the forums and rant at eachother about how bad NCSoft is. Makes one a bit suspicious.
  15. To quote that one guy in skypetal plains....I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS... <3 <3
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