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  1. Eh, I'm a toe walker / runner irl and I still wear shoes...although I definitely prefer not to. On heavy hill or mountain inclines I stand in my sandals just like a Lyn on the beach costume lol. Guess I kinda find it endearing to see even if they don't really look like real people. Ear tail length sliders would be awesome though...instead of having to make them have giant hips to have a bigger tail lol.
  2. I haven't played since around...March? February? I've lost track because I was so disheartened. Anyone who has been playing since beta / C client / etc, what is the state of this version now? Is it even worth coming back to...I want it to be, but last time I logged in I could count 30+ bots at a time that were not dealt with for weeks of multiple reports. Thanks.
  3. I'm on my 101st run and it's not even fun anymore...now it's more like smash my hands on the keyboard staring into the abyss while developing carpal-tunnel. People who did over 200 runs...idk I'd give y'all a medal cause that's some diligence. EDIT 120 runs now... EDIT 2 I don't even have fun with the game anymore and almost don't care
  4. I think I ran 13 times, never saw the hat, got 3 masks and 1 costume. Also the other day when I ran Blackram Narrows on my WL two costumes dropped at once?? How often does that happen. I wonder if it can happen with other outfits?
  5. Those are both some really well modeled faces, I never saw your KFM post til now but he's awesome.
  6. A character from that manga Attack on Titan that was popular in like 2014. Who happened to look like me...and it was funny at first, but after awhile it got weird and creepy from some people even in real life. Now it's a running gag with my friend whenever it happens lol To stay on topic: Please give us more horns NC
  7. I wish I got 5$ everytime someone says that
  8. Something I don't usually try to do is make a preset that looks like me lol, so instead of using my old Lyn preset for WL I tried doing that for sake of variety. (this costume burns my eyes just a little. Until NC releases more costumes...rip)
  9. Sometimes I feel the illusion that if you complete the dungeon quicker or kill the boss quicker you have a higher % chance. I doubt it...but it's a nice thought lol.
  10. Great job, I wish there were more tall and lithe Lyns. I will continue with even more tall Lyn.
  11. I think I actually prefer the censored Kun version, it flows with their weird legs better...but not Gon or Jin. I'm not for censorship though so glad to see it was just a mistake.
  12. @NC wtb more horn options ♪♪If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my cat (gotta get with my cat)♪♪
  13. No. I've seen what happened in TERA after we got those scrolls...and yeah there will always be shit players no matter if they leveled proper or not, but the influx of them is not wanted. I'm leveling every class except des, it takes virtually no time to level almost all of them are level 30...just space it out when you have time? Why does it have to be instant gratification, or why bother playing at all. Not like this takes years like some games.
  14. lol thanks and to not be too off topic
  15. I do draw and I've uploaded my screenshots in the B&S tag, but I have not drawn my characters yet. Maybe it's a coincidence haha.
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