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  1. Eh, I'm a toe walker / runner irl and I still wear shoes...although I definitely prefer not to. On heavy hill or mountain inclines I stand in my sandals just like a Lyn on the beach costume lol. Guess I kinda find it endearing to see even if they don't really look like real people. Ear tail length sliders would be awesome though...instead of having to make them have giant hips to have a bigger tail lol.
  2. I haven't played since around...March? February? I've lost track because I was so disheartened. Anyone who has been playing since beta / C client / etc, what is the state of this version now? Is it even worth coming back to...I want it to be, but last time I logged in I could count 30+ bots at a time that were not dealt with for weeks of multiple reports. Thanks.
  3. I haven't even bothered logging in in a month or so...I see this thread is alive and well, nary even one official comment. Depressing.
  4. I got to 200 runs and got so bored and irritated I haven't logged in since.
  5. I think this would be a good thing to add as a benefit of premium. If they manage to clean things up anyway, it'd definitely put more value in it. Having a 000.0006 cd reduction doesn't really do anything as it is.
  6. PVE. If PVP had more sportsmanship and less folks that make me feel like I'm talking to my kid neighbor, I'd probably be 50/50 pve/pvp. (And obviously no bots)
  7. I don't think half the tickets are even read by humans, I sent a ticket pertaining to an in-game boss and a missing item from the loot table and the ticket response didn't even make sense in context of the game like they didn't even know anything about it. Referring to the item in plural when there's no such thing lol. And similarly to your situation these gold sellers have been sending me friend requests for over a month now...I don't think there is even any point in trying to report them. I almost considered moving to an EU server hearing how few bots there are but I wouldn't be surprised
  8. I don't know honestly lol, I enjoyed my time on Aion before PVP went in the shitter. Guess I wanted to try to have faith one last time, but my mistake. Even a private server for another game I play run by one family has less hackers and bots than this...sad times. Guess I'll try to make the best of it for a few more months and pretend something will change. PS @Exposing Hackers thanks for that comment lmao.
  9. Ouch man that's shit luck I feel you. I'm at run 200 for Infinite Challenge...and on top of all the other negative points it's starting to wear on me...why bother? I'm not giving up just yet but damn there's a line between RNG and just a big ol waste of time.
  10. I've given them the benefit of the doubt, support and even counter arguments but I can't anymore. When I logged in I had 22 friend requests from bots and that's bloody absurd. Even in the 4 hours I'm logged in and leveling I could've banned at least 90 bots. There is no excuse. I'm really sad, I love this game, but the bare minimum is being done. I can't turn a blind eye to this, since this is the first game aside from Aion I've seen with bots of this caliber. Why would you let such a great game fall? I live 30 minutes from headquarters and I'd surely take a minimum wage job just to destroy
  11. I think the female costume being released is cool looking...the guys costume is ugly as sin. But pink clashes terribly with every one of my characters so lol.
  12. My favorite is the stupid red fish boss who does that bite and pick up attack...you can be clear behind it a good 8m and then your corpse teleports straight into it's mouth. Pinchy's burrow also will still hit you even if his body doesn't leave the spot.
  13. I had the same problem, and mine still doesn't show up on the list but I got it to work by switching from windows classic theme to aero, and then enabling desktop capture in shadowplay.
  14. Bots I reported 7 times along with 3 other people around me are still farming the same WB in plain sight after 5 days. I've given up.
  15. I'm on my 101st run and it's not even fun anymore...now it's more like smash my hands on the keyboard staring into the abyss while developing carpal-tunnel. People who did over 200 runs...idk I'd give y'all a medal cause that's some diligence. EDIT 120 runs now... EDIT 2 I don't even have fun with the game anymore and almost don't care
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