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  1. State of the game ?

    lmaooo I thought it said june 2017, you're right... it's probably a lost cause then rip
  2. State of the game ?

    Just got back on a week ago after not playing for a few months, I haven't seen ANY bots (I'm on Old Man Cho server, if that matters) leveling seems incredibly faster, heard someone say you can finish the story line in 3 days just doing main quests... haven't done much end game since I'm only lvl 43 atm but I've been having fun with my Lyn Summoner. It'd be cool if you came back, I happened across your character designs on another forum and they had me rolling, your summoner was absolutely perfect xD I haven't really met anyone in the game yet, had one run in with a kid saying he was Naruto and was looking for his wife Sasuke lmaoo. Faction chat can be a bit poisonous with people like [edited - PhoenixMitra] trolling & [edited - PhoenixMitra] WC'ing their sex fantasies in faction chat lol. bUT WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT YAKNOWWHATIMEAN anyways i'd pay you to play just to see your sweet designs lmao edit: oops guess i shouldn't have mentioned names, doubt they would have cared but... doesn't matter since this post is a year old lmao whoops