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  1. Blade Master

    Blade Master's Blood Shark HongMoon Technique is debatable the strongest ability there is.
  2. 3 boxes got a sparkling token, regular token, and the costume. My life is awsome!
  3. What's wrong with all the Toxicism in PvE?

    Level 27 going into Skitter tunnle, cant be polite even if I want to.
  4. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    Good god just how many tears do you have?
  5. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Well, I have just been stand corrected, can't argue with that. Although seriously Warlock is going one shot people in PvP....
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Well I'll be damned, GG Blade Dancer officially becomes Warlock's *cricket*.
  7. Just unlock the Warlock already

    He started first. But all seriousness Warlock is too OP at 45. They crit for 2000 at lvl 5. Blade Dancer is unbalanced as it is. Warlock makes Blade Dancer look silly. How was that Elitist? I played it on TW its not rocket science.
  8. Luckiest RNG ever!

    I didn't get the blackwym one but I got the noble of the sea lol.
  9. Luckiest RNG ever!

    I had 120 from a token I got few days back, and I brought 3 boxes. In the three boxes I got a Sparkling token, the costume and a regular token which is 940 hongmoon coin and a costume. I got the biggest smile right now.
  10. I feel alot better that there exchange and its hongmoon only. Its technically 1g a box and has a better than than getting Attack diamonds.
  11. Upgrading siren>pirate profane>breeze

    Im already killing 4 man blood shark with 3 people all armed with profane, upgrading weapon don't mean shit.
  12. Radiant Ring / Gem Crafting Worthless?

    Keys probably the worst part of that profession. It is bs that you can't make ring since there's literally a fking achivment for making rings. also diamonds are expensive as hell, and crafting them is the only way to make them.
  13. Destroyer's VS Assassin is a bad joke.

    Not sure about you but I'm having fun chasing down those losers as destroyer. A pro assassin don't need such cheap trick as to hot and run.
  14. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    So funny people with better weapon sucks and blames the game. I've beaten the tower with profane as BM Assassin, Destroyer, and my friend took down the tower with inferno. Also so funny review says the game is easy when they never reach end game.
  15. Mushin's Tower - Destroyer

    What weapon are you using? I'm using Awken profane and I can beat through 1-7 in 15 minutes. Animation cancel is a essential part of destroyer dps.