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  1. Why isn't there a Tanking/Healer design

    Blade Master and Kung Fu Master are the tanks. They have plenty of threat build skills. I've taken aggro and held it over quite a few others who have close to 700ap while I'm at 563ap. Healers are Summoners, Soul Fighters, and yourself. Summoners have a party heal every 30secs. Soul Fighters can spec for 30secs or 1min. All other classes have skills that can heal themselves. You also have gems that can proc recovery/life drain. On top of that, you have HP potions and resists/dodges. If people are dying to groups of mobs or take aggro of a boss, then maybe they shouldn't rush in first/back off a bit.
  2. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    Yes it is possible to get two, more even. Having more characters would help. This is what I'm sitting on right now without buying anything.
  3. Why duelist bundle it's only for Ncoins!?!

    They've always been NCoin only, ever since they were introduced. Same with starter pack and premium ( now only 90day premium is sold through NCoin shop with the introduction of recurring membership for 30/90/365 days). How is this in any way p2w? The only exclusive from the pack is the weapon skin. Everything else is easily obtained by just playing the game excluding the training certificates and pugilist tokens since you can get HM skills through PvE.
  4. Event Blade and Soulmate !

    The single portion of the event where you went to Jadestone to do the quest to run around is what was repeated, unless that was an entirely different event from Valentines. Been a year since we've done that so I can't remember what exactly the whole event was, but all I could remember was this particular part.
  5. Event Blade and Soulmate !

    That's with doing 9 characters a day for two days. I have at least 3 characters who already have 20/60 done with the amethyst without buying anything. The rates on getting them seem decent, about half and half, and if you don't crit, you have another 2 weeks and a half. Also to add, three costumes.   Its only been two days since the event started.
  6. The Op Summ in PvP

    Yes, remove like 70% of the game's playerbase becuase that'll solve the problem at hand. There would be little to no change in the amount of shit that pops out of this game's community.  There are more destroyer bots than there are actual Summoner players. You have Yuns, Gons, and Jin females running around with tits the size of Jupiter and legs that are equivalent to that of a horse.
  7. The Op Summ in PvP

    My brain. Summoners aren't OP. They only win because you let them win.
  8. i give up on this event !!

    That evasion is part of the kfm resist iframes during dodges. You keep hitting them during it, they get 90 or 99% evasion for 6sec.
  9. Summoner: The End

    That answers a lot of things.
  10. Summoner: The End

    And what do you play? I can say the same thing about every other race. Every class has healing abilities but that wont help them much in a pinch. Everytime in a run where someone is inexperienced, they'll tend to mess it up.
  11. Summoner: The End

    You don't really lose that much in DPS honestly. I run around with 613AP on my Summoner and can almost keep up with my friends who are FMs with 650AP+ AND with their new HM toy, Multi Blaze. Just get HM left click and you're golden with the new Sunflower/Rumblebee changes.
  12. 6v6 is NOT Pay2Win. PVE is. But NOT PVP.

    You say 6v6 is not P2W. Show me a team of your average free players running around with 500-550AP going up against a team of wallet warriors and ending up victorious AND dealing good damage.   Also, whether you win or lose isn't depended on you alone. How are the other party members' stats compared to the community? How skilled are they? How were the opposing teams like? And as in stats, I'm not talking JUST about AP.
  13. What is the lowest acceptable pug ap in KR?

    Standards are set by the playerbase. Once it gets easier to access end game gears, I doubt these high requirements will exist except for maybe the top tier dungeons. The mentality of if you have stats, you should know how to play. Higher attack ensures, but not always, a fast run with little room for screw ups. Whereas low stats gives off the impression that you're new and won't know what to do. Things get screwed up, run takes longer, people get pissed off. As to the minimum in KR, I don't know. Never played their version, only played TW and CN. From my experiences in TW though, they seem to not care when I went into the dungeons(Content that we currently have in West).
  14. Say a bot list stuff on the market that they botted and you buy it without knowing that it was a botter who listed the item. In a sense, you're indirectly supporting it whether or not you knew that it was a botter who listed it. That's what I'm getting at.
  15. Thats already happening in the game and been happening ever since the start. Hell its been happening forever now. I'm sure you've done it too without noticing because its hard to tell.