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  1. What do you mean by "lost"? Did you delete the character/change appearance? If you still have the appearance, you can still save it with the in-game photo gallery.
  2. That is old and outdated. Equipment upgrades has been nerfed several times over already, along with price changes for materials on the market. New upgrade system for true ivory stage 1to Baleful/Seraph stage 1:
  3. As someone already stated, it could be an issue with "unpacking" items in the mail. If you leave too many unpacked items in the mail, it wont load new ones. Keep unpacking everything and all your items will be there. I have mail dating back to maybe May of last year or even further back still sitting in my mail because I unpack but never claim them. Probably at like 27-30pages of mail.
  4. I say those to see how constant your dps is with the rotations considering the bosses have more HP/Evasion/Block etc. Doing the tower up to like Mushin or whatnot, they die rather quick so you can't really see much difference.
  5. That was more towards the OP but I didn't quote, was in a rush. But yeah, if you're going to try some tests, I'd go to 4man dungeons or tower 9-15. They'll give a more accurate reading.
  6. Thats around how much I did when I had around 630ap. Then again, I have way lower ping than you. Firstly, are your skill rotations good? For example, keeping up your Ivy Poison, utilizing Petal Toss, RMB/LMB like what most have been saying. Also how are your other stats such as critical rate, critical damage, pierce, accuracy?
  7. This would have major problems if there was a way. 1. Hacked accounts could get their characters stripped off their accounts. 2. Falsely claiming characters that aren't their own being merged.
  8. The topic hasn't changed so I don't know where you're getting that idea from. Fact is, every hexagonal gem has been re-released already with the exception of aquamarines and diamonds. Alternatively, there are three gems that you can get as a free player that are not bound to events nor can you upgrade them any further: diamond, citrine, and amethyst. Everybody has an equal opportunity to get those three gems and event gems regardless if they're a free player or premium player. No, it doesn't mean they don't know how to do the run but it does mean they're inexperienced in the run WI
  9. Because it hasn't come yet, you can only assume the possibilities. Seeing as how they've already re-released certain gems through different events, its safe to assume they'll do they same with these gems. 2 years for them to throw out Sparkling Heptagonals for events? Sure. For Hexagonals? Not even. Thats a fairly decent amount of gems that free players can get for just a year, which is suffice. Just because they cleared it on their main doesn't mean they can clear it on their alt. Characters are played differently and if they don't take the time to learn the character, what m
  10. Just because they release it for one event doesn't mean they wont for different types of events. Also, ruby & sapphire were both in one single event with daily challenge. You seem to not understand the basics of doing purple dailies for gold. There is no luck involved in upgrade your weapon and accessories. Within the last 2 weeks of the Diamond AP Gem event, I went from Awakened Scorpion to Stage 1 Seraph, True Oathbreaker Earring&Ring to True Scorpio and True Yeti with the gold that i got from just doing daily purples. Now that prices have plummet, if I were to do the sam
  11. 1. You're delusional if you think it takes two years to get gems that are handed out in events. Only been a year and almost all hexagonals have appeared in events. And no, if you don't upgrade your weapon, you won't hit the AP required by most premade pug groups nor will you even meet the standard minimum weapon to even enter the dungeon through F8. And yes, you can hit the AP required without going go Stage10 or Raven. Your point has a valid and invalid standpoint. 2. No. All that states is that you will fall behind if you don't partake in this trove event but rather spend gold up
  12. 2 slots but a lv1 character only takes 6mins to delete. So as you delete one, you can make another and repeat until you're satisfied.
  13. They're not hard to get since they're handed out during events. They're not necessary to have to be able to play the game. That doesn't mean they're "worthless". My whole point of saying they're not necessary to have is because you can easily hit the AP requirements without them. They're helpful but not required. Never did I say they were "worthless". What's so hard to grasp about that? I understand it fairly well. A simple question was asked that you should be able to answer since according to you, "there are already explanations for all your crap," but you keep trying to dod
  14. Depends on how much you hate running through the storyline for Cinderlands, Moonwater, and Silverfrost. I've ran through them on basically all the available classes and its rather obnoxious. You're lv38 so you should be in the Moonwater region by now. Personally, I'd just keep going and make presets on a separate account (if you don't have character slots for trial and error on appearances). Run around in Heavens Reach on those newly made characters to check how they look when they move/attack and how outfits will look before deciding to buy an appearance voucher. That's just my op
  15. I never said they were useless? I said its not necessary to get them. I've already read your post, thats why I responded to it. You claim that if you upgrade, you fall behind, which is false. You claim that its "luck" or quit/uninstall, which is also false. Everything I've said so far in this thread can be used to backup what I've said about your two points. You haven't answered why my statement is invalid still.
  16. 2 years? Not even. Besides, you don't even need these gems to be able to progress. You can easily hit the AP for F8 dungeons without them. When you upgrade, you advance in progression. There is no "luck" or "unlucky" in it. Do your purples, save up gold and materials(buy them if needed), and upgrade. Like I already said, you can get gems freely through events and outfits benefit you in ZERO way besides enabling your soul shields. This event does not feel forced in the slightest. Only thing thats "forcing" you to partake in this event is your urge to gamble your money away. If you fee
  17. Only 720ap? Thats way more than enough to run all the dungeons in F8. That has nothing to do with Trove. You will see those type of players regardless. 1. They give out gems from events. I came back after not playing for 6 months and got the hexagonal diamond -> heptagonal brilliant diamond in 2 weeks from the previous event before the heart event. 2. How are you falling behind when you're upgrading? 3. Its your choice if you want to spend money/gold on an event that's not mandatory to do. If you go broke from it then you have no one to blame but yourself.
  18. I don't see how its killing free users. Prices literally dropped on almost all materials needed for upgrading. As for gems, yes you're at a disadvantage since you won't be able to get them as fast, but there are events that hand them out if you do them on top of rng events like the Valentine event we just had and the current one with daily challenge.
  19. Not quite. If people want to just be able to log in and "play" the game, thats fine but don't expect to get that far in. If they don't want to learn how to play their class or learn dungeon mechanics, they wont be able to advance onward to more content. With that being said, they wont be able to upgrade their equipments either, seeing as how you need weapons/accessories from said dungeons and if they don't know how to do them and don't meet the standard community requirements, they wont be able to do them unless they find friends/clan that will carry them through everything. Ultimately, t
  20. Its the fact that it resets almost all of your skills and opens up awakened skills which do a great deal of damage. My alt FM is garbage and with bb+sf, i go from like 15k/s to like 30k-40k/s by just holding down a button.
  21. Typical comment from a P2W whale. Upgrading legendaries is nowhere near "cheap", 1000+ gold for every upgrade stage is something casual players cannot even hope to achieve, all the mats are ridiculously expensive and there's no decent way of farming them. No one asked for legendaries for free, but the requirements for getting them are flat-out outrageous. You're missing point #2 greatly, take your time. It only takes two weeks to get close to 700-1,000g from doing purples daily and this doesn't necessarily have to include Desolate Tomb/Ebondrake Citadel/Naryu Foundry. Materials
  22. Of course its cheaper. Legendary is end game which shouldn't be easy to obtain. Its already been dumbed down. If you're thinking about going from point A to point B, then yeah it'll be expensive. If you take your time with it and go step by step, its not as bad as you make it out to be.
  23. true profane -> True Scorpio (not including breakthrough) base cost: 210g moonwater transformation stone: 10 silverfrost transformation stone: 19 moonstone: 130 froze stinger: 315 soulstone: 580 naryu tablet: 42 silverfrost mountain dew: 90 silverfrost refining stone: 538 faction insignia: 259 Ivorymoon -> True Ivorymoon base cost: 100g soulstone: 320 moonstone: 70 frozen stinger: 230 silverfrost transformation stone: 4 silverfrost mountain dew: 30 naryu tablet: 45 silverfrost refining stone: 275 True Scorpio/True Ivorymoon -> Le
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