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  1. Show off your Lyn Gunner Preset!!

    Whoever told you it was a joke lied to you. You can literally already see them on the KR servers. Someone even streams one on twitch.
  2. Returning rookie player question

    That's just the game. All loading in it is pretty slow. Put it on an SSD is what anyone else will tell you
  3. Heaven's Mandate

    I personally never run into this issue. Maybe it's the time of day you run your dailies. I usually do mine pretty close to after Reset and all those people know the rule. Mostly everyone just says TYFP then leaves while you role on your own loot. I'd say you are just unlucky friend
  4. Reasons to leave BNS

    The only reason you ever need to leave a game is if You YOURSELF are not enjoying it. An individual person will know if they no longer want to play the game. No one needs to convince said person why they don't want to play.
  5. Crafting event

    The crafting materials are tradable.. like the turkey etc. You craft those on alts, ship them to your main then just craft the boxes on your main.
  6. Thanksgiving event END?

    December 6th
  7. Why did the gameguard thread get deleted?

    you mean this one?
  8. players resetting boss's health

    Really isn't much you can do honestly. But you can report them through the website. Unless someone purposely holds the boss still during that point then that one asshat could walk the boss off and try to reset
  9. Server low

    Jiwan is still very populated. Never have any trouble doing any open world content
  10. Someone gets chapter 33, act 4, silverfrost?

    I will add that the story DOES NOT continue in the patch coming out on the 27th.
  11. Premium Membership

    DO NOT contest the charge with your bank. Go through Support to get the issue resolved. If you back charge the payment you will get banned. Seriously, don't do it. Just get the issue resolved through support. Do yourself a favor
  12. Low FPS/Stutter Fix (Nvidia)

    I myself was suffering from terrible FPS lag and stutters ever since Gameguard got turned back on. SSP and Harvest were literally a nightmare. i would have to turn on "Optimize for Low End PC" just to not crash or be frozen the entire time. Tried contacting support multiple times which did nothing. Today I decided out of no where to download Windows 10 because of the free upgrade, as I heard it runs BNS better than what my current windows version was. After upgrading 10 a while ago I just finished doing harvest. I was able to do Harvest at 25-35 FPS with "Combat Optimization" turned on with no freezes or stutters and was able to get all boss loot with ease. I was using 8.1 before I upgraded. By my own personal opinion if you are using 8.1 upgrade to 10. It is a huge improvement in performance. Hope it helps someone.
  13. Achievement tool tip wrong?

    Enhance is right. the First kill is worth 10 pointts and the 10 kills is worth another 10 points for a total of 20 points.
  14. EU Maintenance times...

    I quite like the new maintenance times. I hope they stick it. By the time I wake up maintenance is pretty much over. Good to go with that