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  1. Replace this useless item with something we will actually use. Edit: Or make em actually useful by doing cost reduction and/or guaranteed transmute.
  2. *Insert profane word* this poop. Edit: Yup, its my fault for believing they would do something right, holy crap am I naive and stupid.
  3. This guy is always white-knighting, its to the point where I now skip what he has to say since his comments are so predictable and nonconstructive for the discussion in hand. 4k+ posts and nothing of value said. Back on topic , they also nurfed the chance to receive higher grade stone's for the unity system. Though the patch just came out, I saw two clan members post about it(plus the other stuff) and how upset they were and have not logd in once since then. They were the type to always be on before and after I logd out.
  4. Their were a few that took this post seriously, its sarcasm people. As for the main topic, I don't like government stepping in but I can see that certain games are horribly predatory with loot boxes. I can see how this would affect BnS and possibly shut down due to its addicts not being able to put down thousands to get geard. I can only hope if the legislation does pass then they focus on what made me spend money in the game at the beginning which were cosmetics in the store and not in an RNG box.
  5. *Deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!..... Oh wait, this wasn't a joke? Welp, they at least put a bit of spit lube in the major rear ending everyone's getting from this.
  6. *Slow Clap* Congratulations on a new low NCSoft, I just wish this would be the final nail on the coffin, but it all depends on the people who put money into it, they are the ones who call the shots in the end.
  7. Please continue with these awesome changes! I need more of my clan members and friends to quit so I don't feel obligated to run raids anymore and finally quit all together! 8D
  8. Are these going to be distributed again for those who purchased the Master founders pack? We're due to receive a few especially for the new classes.
  9. This is one of the reasons they didn't do a live stream for this update/event. They were already well aware of how stupid and enraging this trash event was going to be and looking forward to all of our posts of suffering and frustration. They want to see us rage in this event and not have fun.
  10. Please reduce fees for regular players and remove all account bound fees(fashion) from Premium members. Would make Premium worth getting at this point.
  11. The cost on the gem trade still need a further reduction, like 1/10 of the new cost coming.
  12. This is definitely a really bad change for our version. I alt extensively to suit a run for clan mates and if their is no change to this then it will destroy my reason for even leveling these gems. This is (in my opinion) an extreme issue that must be corrected before it goes live.
  13. Keep getting 1 space, oh well. Keep skipping most of the good items, meh that sucks. Land on Prem. space and get sent to start with garbage item as reward.....no. Was even thinking of getting the year premium, forget that.
  14. 126 runs of tomb and have not seen 1 necklace drop yet. My static group is burned out from hundreds of runs that we fear will be 500+ since its 4 of us farming this thing. I play the game to have fun and loved the fact that their are options to upgrade your gear, but with the introduction of these legendary accessories and their dismal drop rate, it is no longer fun. Many of my clan members have taken a break due to the frustration of obtaining these items. I hope these issues will be improved in later installments of these accessories, I have no desire to play a game that makes it feel like a
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