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  1. good thing I quitted the game before this update lol and ironically wasted like 100$ or so b4 quitting + got 3months of premium think 1-2 months left b4 quitted hehe I love playing with alts and the game as much as some changes made it "alt~friendly" the changes with the gems takes us a sh*ttons of steps back to how things were since u need think very carefully what toon to send your gems to and getting your alts awesome gems would b only possible for "whales" coz they can afford anythin with all the gold they have lol but us "normal" people... nah.... no more alting for us :D
  2. ***wall of txt ahead D: *** for me to some classes it's better but to some other classes it kinda *cricket* up since now if I want use bees instead sunflower on my summy I need rebuild everything since can't use bees with my sunflower build which p*sses me off coz I only use it in yeti to kill the dude on the icey thing faster.... -.- other than that my scummy skill build and skills in general I like it how it is now. for my fm it kinda scr*wed me over.... I really don't like the new system for fm since it forces me to favor either fire or ice when before I could h
  3. if you're only bout pve and don't care much or at all bout pvp.... and you want easy class... warlock... summoner... force master.... blade dancer can help with all CCs needed and easy to play... lots of evasive moves and defenses... sin is NOT hard to play wth lol sin VERY easy but if you have sh*tty net and high ping... I wouldn't go sin coz you need know exactly when to use your dodging moves and decoy etc.... destroyer might not b hard to play (mine is 45 and I don't know much bout the class so can't help there lol) I don't know if blade master is hard to play bu
  4. I personally prefer bd for pvp AND pve... but that's personal opinion and preference both can be quite well I guess it matters of how skillful you are with each lol +what you'd b more comfortable playing with. some bms are a real pain in pvp when I'm on my bd ... some really easy... but after patch they bit more annoyin with their 'block from the ground' after you knock em down skill lol
  5. I believe all costumes you get in dungeons should be account~bound and/or trade~able within the party members maybe. same I'd apply for example if you open your weapon boxes from some of the dungeons or if you accidentally bid on a weapon that isn't for you by accident (it happens if you type to friends/clanm8s while loot is up on bid or if you try turn in your dailies and the Y you click on turns out activates on the bid instead turn in your quest... >.< ) would b nice if you could trade in dungeons them purple weapons, even if you get them from the chests in case you got weapon th
  6. I have no prob with LFP normally getting a decent team... sometimes not and that's ok too you can either pray it will somehow end without too many wipes or simply leave and try "lfp" again lol either that or try recruit... whichever you feel more comfortable with or find faster. althou there are dngs I wouldn't try 'lfp' for and would either go with friends/recruit myself or look for a pt that recruits for it. coz it's very mech~heavy or requires certain min~ap and/or knowing mechs and luckily... recently met a nice player in one of my random ptys that has a bunch of other
  7. I never waited THAT long for a freakin dng XD if it takes more than 1~5min to try find pt to a certain dng I try diff one and goes back to that certain dng later lol to some dngs I just use the LFP option other dngs I try find pt on recruit or I try recruit myself for dungeons like masts and asura in particular (don't wanna go with players under hm7~8 since they will lack damage :D ) lately I've been struggling finding a pt even for masts/asura so I use the LFP option more often even on those :c even was booted a few times from asura/masts ptys coz of my ap which is absurd
  8. I feel the same way as you :c I don't need random people to insult me and call me names just coz I caused the party to wipe or f*** up CCs coz the mechs new to me :c my last clan wasn't so caring either, only had a few people that cared and when we were running with other clanm8s trying teach me how to do stuff seemed impossible as I somehow disappear in the "shadows" while the leader or some of the more experienced and c0cky players rush us through DT EC and raid... hell I even had ONE raid run I think, didn't get any loot coz broke af and the next few times they did raid I som
  9. no1 uses wind build anymore and those that uses it idk why they use it tbh (for bd) light build is really awesome after the latest changes... I REALLY enjoy my blade dancer and it's really easy to dodge stuff + can use your spin to protect party... bd is really fun, I never really enjoyed blade master but that's also coz I DON'T like tanking since that role can b quite stressful in harder dungeons... bd has all the CCs in the world they very fun to play with both in pve and pvp... while with bm... (again ... that's only my opinion) I don't really like the playstyle if you
  10. lol.... seriously? XD why kfm isn't on that list then? coz kfm is cancer too :D and bm is easy once you know what to expect from the class lol after learning bout their block skill when u knock em on the ground... lol I don't hit them till they stand again and doing anything but blocking XD
  11. I don't agree that macros are a way of cheating... I used to believe that but after friend told me what it truly does... it makes your combos smoother and for classes that SPAMS same keys over and over.... just to hit a target whether it's a player or a mob.... your fingers and hands will start hurt quite fast lol so for a kfm that uses macros.... it might be annoyin to some... but it's truly to get your 2rf done properly and smoothly :o I don't believe most classes should use macros, it's more for certain classes that spams like 1~3 keys over and over to avoid hurti
  12. I find kfm more fun than chi master... chi master to me is confusing... and I like kfm more :c my kfm is 1 of my fav classes lol my favs are bd sin and kfm :o sin much less coz it gets utterly boring in both pvp and pve -.- bd and kfm are fun kfm is even more fun... but very reliable on a good connection if you wanna play properly with ani~cancel and combo right.. :c
  13. lol... bm isn't op wdf lol I play as bd... and they maybe became bit more annoyin now.... but they still very beatable, more easily on some classes than others I admit lol they always were and always will b ... easiest class to go against for most classes ! XD I main a bd and I also got a sin, kfm, summy and a fm that I play in arena ... I'm not expert at fm just yet since haven't played fm for a LONG TIME XD but bd sin kfm and summy... they go VERY EASILY vs a bm lol ! summy goes easily vs most classes tbh xD so won't even mention that 1 lol but vs
  14. I actually miss the days we needed farm the low lv dungeons for weapon/accessory upgrade.... now they *cricket* up that and we get to use random sh*t gears till like 45 or somethin... and then they really give us all we need to up our weps up to "true ivorymoon" and even made it easy to make seraph/baleful which I don't complain bout that change was needed, especially with the fact that we now have wep after raven if not mistaken (since none of my toons have reached that high up in the gear ladder just yet.. :\ ) but at least back when we had accessory and wep progress since
  15. I went ToI on my FM and vs destro/sin it becoming more impossible for me to beat em lol my fm however barely has any crit def soulshields on yet... and it DOES HELP in there for those that were wondering... helped before and now it seems like it's even more important xD or else you getting insane damage on u and much easier target than when using crit def soulshield/pvp wep... o_o sin isn't as hard they just became more annoyin to go vs -.- as for destro as range class... or FM in particular you gotta keep that tw@t at a safe distance and constant frosty or else he stun locks you to
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