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  1. That is why I installed BnS CN again. They have so many beautiful outfits, way better optimization (for me), way more gifts and events that happen all the time, daily server-wide dungeons, lv50 voucher gives you legendary SS, 470AP legendary weapon, provides you lv55hm1 and a dozen of outfits. I, honestly, wished EU was at least a tiny bit closer to CN. I started out my sin and warlock with a lv50 voucher and after a day I'm already over 900AP, and I haven't even finished the main quest. They spend a huge amount of time and effort to satisfy their people. Just look at their launcher anim
  2. In the cave, I often used to get up to the other area and get into the second floor. Since I found it possible, although it's hard, to get up there, has anybody done so in the past years? And have you gotten even further or is it impossible? :) Images:
  3. Just used C and F on him once, and he simply moonwalked outta the way. Hah
  4. You don't need to stop his grab. That's bull*hit. If he grabs the person, the person gains the buff, and the other players can come to the grabbed person to gain a buff. It has no difference if the person gets grabbed or not.
  5. Sorry for having no details on the costume name or anything, just wanted to catch the problem that I spotted. It doesn't occur often that I can see through costumes entirely.
  6. I did all the hongmoon training room lessons that were at the last label of dark strike (I mean where it is 'grandmaster' or whatever), and yes, it is very hard, at least for sin, to hit those quick combos (both the heartstab + dark strike, and the others), but nonetheless, it IS possible, you just have to be insanely accurate to hit them. The problem is that your timing must be very good.
  7. Hello, just pointing out a little mistake that I found coming back to the game after a few months. Honestly, I feel the programmers for the mistype.
  8. Instead of playing the actual game I rather watch the BnS anime. Heard some people don't really like it, but for me it was a wonderful anime, loved every part of it. So guess that tells it. Just give it some time till it catches up at least Chinese, I hope they will rush some updates. Otherwise... you will have to wait like a year or two for it to catch up.
  9. Haha, must be! The only difference is eyebrows :p
  10. Here you go: http://imgur.com/a/TvqBD Contents from album(for lazy peeps): The last shot took a bit of effort to remember how to get up there at low level some time ago haha. Just givin' some looks. I had CN screenshots somewhere tho.
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