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  1. My last post.

    Hello there BnS community, My name is Ra9eQuit and I am a Blade and Soul player ever since it got released. I loved the game a lot and spend hundreds of hours playing it to LvL 45 with every class and then to LvL 50, maxed out my gear, played Ranked PvP and got into Platinum (almost Diamond with my Destroyer <3) and met a lot of people who got my friends later on. This post is dedicated to the lovely BnS community that I left about 3 weeks ago until all the problems may be solved. Blade and Soul is one of the best games I have ever played, maybe even the best game in itself. Design, artwork, gameplay, class variety, combat, story, visuals, character creation... Everything was so perfect... but wait. Thats about it. Everything else about this game, is complete trash. It took me a while to realize it but it is true like they all said. The community is horrible, the devs are non existant, the servers are made out of paper, which causes the lovely lag of this game, PvE is extremely forced, the end game grind is real, especially after the last patches, and the most important thing, COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY IS NOT SUPPORTED BY ANY MEANS. All these things, keep me away from playing it. Yet I didnt even count up the personal and technical issues I had with the game which were ridiculous as well. Anyway, I will leave this game with my friends for a while and I assume it will whether die out, or they will fix the problems (which is very very unlikely and truly tragic). Until then I will play better games like Overwatch and League of Legends which might even be inferior games in terms of content and gameplay, but at least there I feel like the devs are actually caring about the player and dont let you down every patch. This game is a tragedy. -Ra9eQuit
  2. Bad bluu op hahaha. Where was Bevv senpai tho :^) I only saw him in twitch chat spamming those sexy Kappas :^^^^^) -Ra9eQuit
  3. Legitimate combat class complaints.

    I agree on the Edit lol. But everything else is completely just your opinion and not legitimate haha. All classes are fine to a ceratin point, just some of the matchups need to be worked on, but thats it. -Ra9eQuit <3
  4. PVP literally takes no skill and I hate my life

    I like the title. c: And its your ping, dont play PvP if you have incredibly high ping, its not worth it :D -Ra9eQuit
  5. That burn was super hot lol. Anyway, I have climbed the complete Plat range up and down 3 times already and didnt face a single hacker. Idk what the problem is :/
  6. How to effectively Pvp as Summoner

    Spam everything without thinking is the way to go! Except against Destro, then you have to use Tab Escape when they Fury, but thats it. c: Summoner is a really hard class to play Kappa. And I am not trolling, you cant really go wrong with spamming everything. There is a reason why everyone hates Summoners. -Ra9eQuit
  7. Reversal Lag/Delay

    You cant use the Grab escape during your 1, which has a long animation. Make sure you have good ping, if you dont, it will be almost impossible to escape the grab skills. In higher ranks no one uses it anyway, because most players have good enough reaction time to counter it. -Ra9eQuit
  8. A Destroyer Needs Help!

    ^This. You should also stop looking for your rank and start looking on your skill. Your rank is not equal your skill. I have seen Summoners in Plat that are 10 times worse as a PvP player compared to low Gold KFMs or BMs. Even tho you are not a KFM, you should also check out Shiro's Videos about PvP tips and Radeyz's "Teaching PvP basics: Also check out Jaesung who is the former BnS world champion. He makes videos of gameplay with almost all classes: Good luck! -Ra9eQuit
  9. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    I am aware of that, but Siphon isnt hard to land, lets be honest. The cast time is 0.1 dude. No way you can get actually interupted on purpose. Of course the other player will try to resist it, but it is 100% landed after a retreat or during a spin or after waiting for their I-frame. It really is one of the easier mechanics in the game. And escaping Time Warp? Good joke m8, a good warlock just stands in the middle of the arena or pressures the enemy into a corner and if they SS, that will be a free soul shackle snare and you can unleash hell on them. AND DONT FORGET THE LOVELY BASTION SPAM, oh yeah... BEST SKILL. You are legit invincible during the whole Time Warp + 5 secs after its over... Idk why I am still argueing but whatever, game is pretty much balanced. -Ra9eQuit
  10. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    I own all classes and I am a 2080 Plat Destro and Plat KFM. PVP is balanced to a certain point that is surely not unplayable. Your class overview is genuinely wrong at some points. I will count up a few: 1. Force Master is probably the only 100% balanced class if both players have HM skills. WL gets countered by FM and FM counters Sin and KFM (a bit). Sum gets countered by skilled FMs too. 2. BM is the hardest class in the game for a reason. It isnt a bad class and you probably never played against a Diamond BM. I did and oh boi, it isnt even fun anymore. You just get rekt. Warlock is good against BMs, mostly because the BM isnt skilled enough. 3. Agreed on KFM, but it isnt impossible. I won against tons of Sins on my KFM simply by outplaying, but yes it isnt really fair. 4. Destroyer is one of the harder classes and you probably think it is easy since you didnt play a Destroyer yourself but the mechanical skill you need to play Destroyer in Plat and Diamond is insane. But in Gold Destroyer is just pure cheese. Destroyer isnt op at all, it is fairly weak actually and Warlock counters Destroyer extremely hard so if you lose against Destroyer, I really dont know what you are doing. 5. Blade Dancer is not op. It is actually pretty balanced with the new HM skills. It is annoying as hell but not op. The only thing I really question about Blade Dancer is the Guardian Tempest Heal of 10%. Really not necessary to give Blade Dancers tons of sustain through that, but they are fairly squishy so idk. 6. Sins are annoying but them being op is questionable. Technically you could call them op, because they are legit the only class that can win 100% every game if played right. But so far, no one is as good to successfully do that, so I can call everything about Sin balanced, EXCEPT the KFM vs Sin match up. 7. Summoners are strong but not anymore in the future as more and more HM skills get unlocked. They arent op, only their bugs need to be fixed. Cat grapple bug is so horrible. Or getting knockbacked while in Fury as Destro through Beckon... The ease of the class is questionable. And Summoner dominates them all hahahhahahahha, you probably never played Sum yourself. Come on, do it, play Sum against a Destro and tell me how horrible it was. All in all, a lot of biased opinion. A lot of untrue statements. You should maybe start playing every class before you just go on the forum and think you would know everything after getting one class to plat. -Ra9eQuit
  11. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    I wanted to write a long reply to this, but I changed my mind and want to make it short: Agreed, but the necessity of doing complicated stuff like tech chases or being really mindful with your escape is almost none. Tab the first thing that hits you: GG. You just activate your 5 hit immunity, get siphon off, activate time distortion and the game is over. At least this is my perspective as a Destro, I am probably just blind. Some matchups sure are extremely hard for you like for example FM, but honestly... Comparing the mechanics you need to play Warlock compared to all other classes, only Summoner is really easier, but no one else. I am not saying it is an easy class overall, in BnS every class is hard to a certain extent, especially in higher ranks, but Warlock is relatively seen not that hard. -Ra9eQuit
  12. Destroyer VS KFM

    As endah the Rank 1 Destro himself said: "If you cant win against a matchup in Gold or Plat then there are most likely other things to improve on." You should practice a lot of LB+RB animation cancel, tech chasing and I-framing the SS knockdown and knockup. I am a Plat 2080 Destroyer and from my objective view it is a fair 50/50 match if you have Persistence. But in Gold... Idk m8, I cheesed my way to plat with Fury, just waiting for them to mindlessly blow their tab and then 100-0 in one combo. Gold KFMs 3rf is mostly really bad, especially in low gold. I cant really tell you what to do better, unless I could see you playing myself. Spin a lot lol. Use Knee Stage 3, uhhh... There is really not much to it, you just spin until the KFM makes a mistake, which they do a lot and punish it with a full combo using all your cds, then stall and repeat. Persistence is so important because it allows you to interrupt their combo and start your own and if they have no escape, you will be able to deplete at least 50% of their health. -Ra9eQuit
  13. EXTREME FPS-Dropps in Arena

    The problem has yet to be fixed by the devs, but for now, just play a spar game when you think it is about to lag really hard. If it does you can just leave and enter Arena and continue to play. And streamers have the same issue too, I have seen Jaesung and Mosh restarting Arena several times during a stream. -Ra9eQuit
  14. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    Nah, Gold players cant use their skills to their full potential anyway, so you are kinda right when you say: "they dont even deserve properly working skills anyway." The game is balanced around the top bracket of players. And once again, we didnt see so far what a max potential warlock can do. So just continue playing the class and get better. I dont believe that it is weak since I already fought Plat and Diamond Warlocks and they destroyed me as a Destroyer. And I am no Warlock main, but I own the class (Gold rank) and I have seen already people who can utilize Warlock very good and they shit on other players. EDIT: Uhh, I didnt say that you just press things and pray they work. Of course you have to do some set up to win, but relative to other classes it isnt that hard. Easy is a relative term. BM would be an example for very hard. I am a 2080~ Rating Plat Destro and Plat KFM. I am not a Warlock main, but I sparred against a couple of Plat and Diamond Warlocks to get my ass blasted. And Warlock being an easy class, doesnt mean you can get easy Diamond by just pressing 2 buttons or something. It is the same as Summoner. It is an easy class at first, but at higher ranks you will not see it being easy anymore. If a Summoner trinkets the first stun that hits him, he is freelo for me. The ease of playing Warlock is just... You do nothing special or creative, it is just straightforward damage. You only need to really train your Burst rotation, but thats almost it. It really isnt a complicated class, compared to something like BM, KFM or Destro (in higher ranks). You dont have to look for Ground Counters, you dont have to tech chase retreat, you dont have to dodge escapes (the daze), you dont have to use any ani-cancel... There is so much to other classes, that would lose you the game instantly if you dont look out for every single thing the enemy can do, but Warlock is kinda just a one-trick-pony, just snare (if they cant SS...Rip) and burst. It sure has some matchups where you actually have to be startegic like FM and Sum, but even those dont really change the way how you play. You literally just look out for one or two skill and then do the same thing again.I am not hating on the class. Its a cool class, but it definitely isnt weak or harder than most other classes. (I feel like I couldnt completely express my point...) If you dont agree with me, please let us discuss. I would also like to hear your opinion. -Ra9eQuit
  15. just to make things clear....

    Good thread (KAPPA), I didnt read all of it but I think I get the point. Summoner isnt easily countered. Summoner is a horrible and toxic class. It just isnt fun to play against and that is coming from a Plat KFM and Destroyer with an at least 80% winrate against Sums. And let us not forget about the lovely bugs like the unescapable grapple bug. Summoner is a toxic class, no matter what you tell me. It is not OP. But it definitely ruins peoples days. It doesnt take a lot of skill to be honest, I said that some time ago, but it really doesnt. Spam skills, spam grapple, wait until they use their escape, repeat, win. Dont use your escape like a retard. GG. It doesnt take a lot of skill and if I look at it now, I could easily get Diamond with Sum, because the Sums in Plat dont even know when to use their escape and are thus freelo. It isnt a skillful class. It has the lowest skill cap aside from Warlock. Dont try to defend something that is simply not what you want it to be. Just accept that Summoner is a toxic class and continue playing it. There is a reason why you are the most hated class and it definitely isnt just people being stupid, but you being a pain to deal with. Nevermind I read your post completely and your points are complete garbage, this is so superficial and tries to make Summoner look like a fair class. Nice try, but you simply arent right. Especially point 3 and 4 made me laugh. Good job troll. I only say: I once fought a Summoner and did 120k damage to him and he still didnt die. Thats all. -Ra9eQuit