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  1. Hello there BnS community, My name is Ra9eQuit and I am a Blade and Soul player ever since it got released. I loved the game a lot and spend hundreds of hours playing it to LvL 45 with every class and then to LvL 50, maxed out my gear, played Ranked PvP and got into Platinum (almost Diamond with my Destroyer <3) and met a lot of people who got my friends later on. This post is dedicated to the lovely BnS community that I left about 3 weeks ago until all the problems may be solved. Blade and Soul is one of the best games I have ever played, maybe even the best game in itself. Design
  2. Spam everything without thinking is the way to go! Except against Destro, then you have to use Tab Escape when they Fury, but thats it. c: Summoner is a really hard class to play Kappa. And I am not trolling, you cant really go wrong with spamming everything. There is a reason why everyone hates Summoners. -Ra9eQuit
  3. Good thread (KAPPA), I didnt read all of it but I think I get the point. Summoner isnt easily countered. Summoner is a horrible and toxic class. It just isnt fun to play against and that is coming from a Plat KFM and Destroyer with an at least 80% winrate against Sums. And let us not forget about the lovely bugs like the unescapable grapple bug. Summoner is a toxic class, no matter what you tell me. It is not OP. But it definitely ruins peoples days. It doesnt take a lot of skill to be honest, I said that some time ago, but it really doesnt. Spam skills, spam grapple, wait until they use t
  4. Hey there! I got some free time today ^^ @Mogeko @MooseWayne You 2 will probably receive your presets tonight, if not tomorrow! I am currently working on them and I hope I will get it done by today. I appreciate your patience and thanks for the kind words so far. Edit: Nevermind. I stop making presets for a while now. -Ra9eQuit
  5. @ProjectDeadlock Dude, your character looks exactly like Hana from Prison school xD And here is mine (my wallpaper lel): -Ra9eQuit
  6. Unforunately I am not a Artist. I only make Presets of pretty much everything that resembles a human somehow. If you are looking for a drawing, there are a lot of Art Shops in Fan Creations where you can pay them for a drawing, they do amazing work. Some do it even for free/fun. -Ra9eQuit
  7. I am currently delaying some requests due to me being busy a lot in the last few days. I will take care of the requests soon enough, but atm it doesnt seem like I can. -Ra9eQuit
  8. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am not copying other characters and I am only recreating them and I have nothing to do with nor have I claimed anything about owning the original. This is only a recreation for the purpose of fun and enjoyment. The preset has been sent privately so not everyone has access to it. Each recreation should be different in their own way, since a perfect recreation is really hard and time consuming. I didnt mean to steal anything. I also didnt know that someone could "own" a preset or a picture of a preset. I will edit the link into the original post so people c
  9. I am so tired... Asuna from SAO Saber from Fate series, I know her hair look weird, but it was the closest I could get. Cute preset girl recreation that was requested, changed her a tiny bit to my liking lelelelelle @Aerkry @Waterstream @Moonette Anyway, I took up all the requests and they are done, I will send the presets out tonight. EDIT: Apparently I can only send 3 messages per day... @Waterstream @Moonette Sorry for the inconvenience but you 2 will receive your presets tomorrow. -Ra9eQuit
  10. Hey there, I am Ra9eQuit, and I recently messaged Exertus about our "collab" and from now on I will take care of some of the requests when Exertus currently isnt available or busy. Here is my thread that you can convince yourself of my work quality (no self-advertising intended, only for demonstration): Our presets will be checked by eachother so we can provide the best of work. You can make requests on both our threads and as many as you like. It doesnt matter where. @Aerkry I will take care of this request. You will receive the result after Exertus and I both checked it
  11. I can do it. So you want a Gon right? Or a Blade Master, I am a bit confused, but if nobody else already wants to do it, I can. :) -Ra9eQuit
  12. This is the best best thing I have ever read. But wasnt the story completely rewriten due to censorship problems or did I get something wrong? The story was really cool and you could (when they first developed it) choose between moral decissions which would drastically change the story's outcome I heard. But they had to delete EVERYTHING due to censorship and remake it in the way it is now. We all know it is horrible and NCsoft does too. Dont go hard on them. I am not white knighting, but common. They even made a cool story in the first place. How can you be mad at them?
  13. Donederonis! Uhh, I tried lel. No photoshop this time lal. P.S.: LELELELLELELELELELLELELLELEL -Ra9eQuit
  14. That moment when you take a picture of the character, but forget to save the preset and you have to do it all over again. I hate my life: Ugh... back to work again. -Ra9eQuit
  15. Steins Gate is a good anime :^^^^^) Apparently I am in a relationship with Photoshop lelelellelelel. And Yuns are pretty cute. -Ra9eQuit
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