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  1. Suggestion: Bonus drop rate for 'team' Hardmode Runs

    I agree with what you say, I think implementing this system would further hurt the game, and worsen the current state of the game. What would be potentially more interesting is experienced based Expert/Trainee systeem -- But I have no idea how it could be implemented in this game. (discuss) :-) Give people incentive for running with inexperienced players.
  2. Game dying

    I think a classic server would be the final nail in the coffin for BnS as we know it. The idea of splitting an already rapidly declining population would not be a good one. Saddly enough the state of the game is not strong enough to support such a drastic move. As I stated before, they will release the archer for a tactical playerbase retention and small gain for a time. But I fear that with the repetitive nature of the game & toxic nature of the community it will not be enough sustain players or retain new players.
  3. Missions

    The sad sad reality of the game - remove content to makesure that ppl can get to the mindless grind.
  4. Archer's release date speculations?

    My guess is 17 September, thats when this event ends and the next starts. It is also a tactical moment to try to retain players with the start of the new school year. But if your brother plays diablo, he will likely not enjoy this.
  5. Game dying

    I also assume that the algorithm from mmo-pop.. is counting all players that connect to the game from every region. The kind of numbers the game pulls there seems to be heavily askewed, 180k + daily players - with a playbase like that you would have to be in the golden age of MMO's. (when compaired to other MMO's via steamcharts, FF14 - avg 19,000 Daily, ESO - avg 13,000 daily.) I think it may be safe to say, While BnS Asia is holding steady the general interest from BnS Europe/NA is declining, which is something we are all witnesses to.
  6. Game dying

    The source always matters regardless of how recent or outdated something is :-), but it is undeniable that there is a decline.
  7. Game dying

    Like the thread says - Unofficial source, to be taken with a grain of salt. Thanks for linking the source though :-)
  8. Game dying

    I've seen this mentioned a few times on this thread but I can't seem to find anything as reference to them hinting this, can anyone source it? -- Otherwise, it is clear that the state of the game is not fantastic and seemingly declining which I assume will only get worse once school (apart from the tactically placed Archer Release) has started again for many ppl. Naturally us posting about it here will not really help unless the publishers really want it to help. What hurts this game the most in my opinion is; repetitive nature; I think it is pretty clear what I mean with this but in case it's not, Every week the same dailies, the same weeklies, the same events. Cash Grab mentality; Instead of making the game more accessible to all players the developers have given a clear advantage to players who cash shop (myself included) by selling items which are required to progress - Gem Powder for example in the cashshop. By doing this there is certainly always demand & a very limited supply for the general playerbase which ensure that players who are new to the game get shot double in the foot as they can not afford to buy it from the auction house. Lack of support; When the one of the most used support answers is "check the forums" you know you have a problem. Or when things are clearly bugs and the response from the devs is "It's not a bug, it's working exactly as it should... boss dominates everything that moves without showing aoes" (while similar to my first point but not the same) This game is a constant grind: I feel like the slogan for Bns should be Blade & Souls; Keep up with the grind or get left behind. In a game where players make x alts in order to stay above the grind limit, like Grimoir said earlier in this thread, they have 10 characters where they do the daily/Weekly stuff on to make money and farm mats. This is ludacris (for me, not judging ppl who do it) that the game is that much of a job that people are "ok" with having 10 characters to do the exact same thing on every day, of every week, of every month. I play games after work to enjoy my free time, not to balance another full time job. Lack of Social Community: This links into the aforementioned job mentality of the game, people stop having time to be social and only want to burn through everything to go do it on their other chars. Increase of Toxicity: In general players seem to believe and practice this, it is easier to break people down the build them up, as long as this is the general mentality of players here the new players will continue stopping shortly after starting. While I am not stopping the game, I still play every day, I can definately see that the community is changing and getting smaller. Many of my friends have quit and many of the people that I thought were becoming friends left as well lol. Oh we are all on this rollercoaster together, lets see how fast it goes!
  9. Unexplained Lag and Crashes

    Myself and my girlfriend are also having horrible lag issues & crashes since last week. Nothing has changed on our end (qua gaming system) and it is nearly unplayable at times. We have tried running both in 64 & 32 bit launchers.
  10. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Yes, Yes, I know, this is my first post on these forums but hey why not. There is no individual factor in Blade & Souls which could be used to say it is not Pay to Win. While I have not been playing so long (only since January) I can't understand how anyone would try to say that all players have equal possibilities to gear up and progress through the game. It is clear that there is an advantage for the side of the credit card. I cry everytime I have to buy gempowder to upgrade my gems! But they are a perfect example of changes made to the game to make it even more pay to win then it was, which only hurts the playerbase. The number required of gem powder for a single upgrade to the none dyad square gem is (254 - so roughly 4,191 gold without refinement cost 4363.90 with costs) so... in total 26k gold is required to get your 6 gems to gilded square not obisidion or garnet. Now explain to a new player they have a 26k gold investment to look forward to when they want to get good enough to play with the big boys. ** price estimation is based on current market prices assuming you buy them from the auctionhouse.