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  1. Looks like we can say now Rest in Peace Blade & Soul if what @Rmccn08 is saying is right. So I guess I will be removing Blade & Soul from list of games I be streaming. Looks like real MMORPGs is dying one after another.😭
  2. Yeah, the raids is understandable. I see, looks like now most PC MMORPGs no more care about cheating and ignores players/consumers from what you saying. Because other MMORPG I playing does nothing to stop cheaters only ban them if they gotta reported, if player ends up buying item from another player without knowing that item is cheated the player who bought item gets banned instead of getting item removed. And they don't listen players/consumers of what we want other words we can suggest things, but it will get ignored if we not overspam same suggestion/s. Plus I started B&S couple mont
  3. The story of B&S2 is actually continuation/sequel of original B&S that is on PC, so if we get Act 12 in original B&S it must be Act 1 from B&S2 and so on, because otherwise players/fans of B&S will get confused and angry. And if the B&S2 won't get localized then what I said in sentence before this one must happen the way I said in that sentence.
  4. Bit over 2 weeks ago they released teaser for B&S2 saying 2021 and around 2 days ago they released a new gameplay trailer that is almost 5 minutes long. And MMOByte couple days ago read all new information from site and it says exclusive to mobile, so. I see, so you think we will get new story content and features that will come with B&S2 in original B&S as well.
  5. Hello, Just now I learned that this year we will get Blade & Soul 2 from MMOByte video that came less then 2 days ago. It will have kinda a lot new features and story takes after Blade & Soul 1 story, plus better graphics. So I kinda dislike fact that we getting sequel instead of adding new things and renew original game. For god sake it's MMORPG so it's better continue improve original game and added that new story to original game. Now for me feels that I forced to create new character to continue the game. Secondly the game will be exclusive to Mobile, so no PC version, so. But
  6. I live in country that minimal pay is just 380€, so. Plus in my main PC HDD load time was 5 minutes to start a game, now it's faster since I did some optimization for it.
  7. Today when I was fighting small bosses at Balrok map games server was under extreme lag, so I take a lot damage and died twice. And it wasn't my end for sure, because my stream worked just fine. So I wanna compensation for that 3 Repair Tools. So now 2x million Hongmoon Experience Charms and 3 Repair Tools I want as compensation for everything. :(
  8. To tell true I wanted write in second post that they should add SSD as recommendation in minimum and recommended system requirements. Plus putting SSD into 8 years old Laptop is a waste of money. BTW I have SSD in my main PC, but I still don't plan install any games in SSD. I know, but I don't have time with my schedule to reinstall my Laptop, so I went back home to use my main PC... Understood, I will do that.
  9. Today I lost another 1 million Hongmoon Experience Charm, because game loaded 22 minutes (25 minutes in total before clock started for daily rewards) on my Laptop. Then game froze and shut down twice in the same Heroic Dungeon. And this time I even started to turning on B&S when there was 3 hours and 35 minutes left until rewards reset. So now I need million Hongmoon Experience Charm x2 to compensate for my 2 lost million Hongmoon Experience Charms. :(
  10. Hello, Today I gotta disconnect at Heroic Dungeon, but that's not a issues. Today I logged in to get 3 hours rewards and had 3 hours 3 minutes and some seconds, but because disconnect couldn't get last reward 1 million Hongmoon Experience charm, because it takes 7+ minutes to get back to the game. So I wanna know if I get compensated with 1 million Hongmoon Experience Charm I missed due disconnect? Or stuff don't compensate for disconnect and gives you *** You achievement?.. Thank you in advance!
  11. It helped. It downloaded 3.04 GB repairing and B&S folder became 2,3 GB bigger making same size as at my Laptop.
  12. Possibility for Lyn Race when they equip cloth to able choose cloth which female or male version to wear (this is possible, because Lyn male and female physics of models body are very similar or maybe same) and some female Lyn clothes to male Lyn as well. Would be nice to add possible for other Races as well, but that requires more work, because of different physics. I'm one of those male people who loves to wear most of female clothes and other people like me would like this. Possibility to female and male Lyns to wear High Heels instead of walking on tiptoes or possibility to choose be
  13. I see, so PvE players can't obtain Hongmoon Coins?
  14. Hello, Can't open any of these boxes. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/762073323?t=3h32m9s
  15. So they removed Venture Tokens from Daily Quests boxes? How I do 4, 5 and 6?
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