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  1. Hello, Naryu Labyrinth is broken. When you reach last 2 bosses and you near winning last boss activates skill where you always knocked out and taking damaging. I'm level 59 HM 3 and beating higher levels boss kinda easy, but that Dungeon is far more stronger for Recommendation of Level 45. Why?
  2. A lot of Bonfires and doesn't work, you probably talking about end game ones.
  3. Hello, Will I be able get more then 20 seconds Windwalk? Asking, because in one stream some time ago I saw person with 40 seconds, but he had premium, so dunno. Thank you in advance!
  4. A lot of bonfires no more working and because of that I need sometimes teleport to extra places to find working ones for weapon repairs. And I tried 4 places that I used repair weapon, but non of they Bonfires are working now.
  5. When Gliding as Summoner the Familiar does very glitched and weird Gliding Animation extremely often, Quests Log in left side of screen now is useless, because you can't check all quests progress (I believe only 4 quests now) and expand option only splits same amount of quests in 2 columns only.
  6. Forgot to mention the no space and colors in text like Unable to Trade between Description made me think items I was UtT before now is Tradeable, because of that and bringing back different color to such a text would be helpful again.
  7. Played whole last night and can say this: game always changes to Fullscreen even if you try change to Windowed Borderless, only can stream via Display Capture while Window Capture stuck to show same frame from game and Game Capture just shows black screen, NVIDIA GeForce Experience can't optimize even if you press optimize, so needed to do it manually and even 2 options had totally different names so was tracking those down via checking GF Experience every time I changed and apply change.
  8. Person says that I not read when he not read it my thread it self. Plus wanted bold up word that you not read, but they removed any way use bold text. Plus2 there is no way post screenshot without uploading it somewhere first here. Wanted upload that both visual and textual shown that. Looks like is my miss understandment due how miss leading you wanted inform that that you only updating UE4 website... Literally it needed more then 10 times read it for simple person like me to understand hidden meaning of it. And I already read like 5 time before July 14th.
  9. Hello, Road map that you posted for summer in June 17th said this order both visually and textual: UE4 with new Class, Warlock 3rd Specification, Summer Livestreams, End of Summer Events, but at July 7th (yesterday) you said in July 14th will come Warlock 3rd Specification. So that doesn't match Road map a bit, if would been plans of summer then that would be good cause it's give plans without order, but Road map usually means straight road (I never saw meaning otherwise until yesterday's news in here), so what's going on here? Thank you in advance for responses!
  10. Yeah, after I did this post I read your thread and learned those good news, so it's not re:announcement, but looks like everything will be under same server unlike previous UE4 update required brand new server.
  11. You will see my and some other people thoughts about B&S2 here.
  12. Less then month ago they announced that it will be ported to PC and showed extremely downgraded gameplay, so I hope that B&S1 will get the new story (new acts) as well. Because I want continue B&S story as B&S not as knock-off... Just recently they announced cancelation of UE4 upgrade and hour/s later re:announced it and it made😕. Now for me the future of B&S looks bad, because of B&S2.
  13. Looks like we can say now Rest in Peace Blade & Soul if what @Rmccn08 is saying is right. So I guess I will be removing Blade & Soul from list of games I be streaming. Looks like real MMORPGs is dying one after another.😭
  14. Yeah, the raids is understandable. I see, looks like now most PC MMORPGs no more care about cheating and ignores players/consumers from what you saying. Because other MMORPG I playing does nothing to stop cheaters only ban them if they gotta reported, if player ends up buying item from another player without knowing that item is cheated the player who bought item gets banned instead of getting item removed. And they don't listen players/consumers of what we want other words we can suggest things, but it will get ignored if we not overspam same suggestion/s. Plus I started B&S couple mont
  15. The story of B&S2 is actually continuation/sequel of original B&S that is on PC, so if we get Act 12 in original B&S it must be Act 1 from B&S2 and so on, because otherwise players/fans of B&S will get confused and angry. And if the B&S2 won't get localized then what I said in sentence before this one must happen the way I said in that sentence.
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