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    I would really like to know why virtually all the secondary missions have been removed! According to me, without them, the game for newcomers becomes boring, it's just a take the mission, go there and talk about it ... there is no longer the beauty of farming to go up, and even for some old players, they start a new game and they get bored to death because they no longer have to do anything, not to mention that by doing so you have made your vaucer of lv 50 useless since it can be reached in 2/3 days. If I could suggest to put back the secondary missions maybe not all but a good part and for those who have finished the story at least once of being able to choose whether to do it all again or do it with fewer missions! I personally have 5 pg (not many I know) but I would always choose to redo everything with all the missions! (I apologize for the bad English in advance XD)