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  1. Summ sucht TT lernraid/ stammraid

    huhu, ich bin auf der suche nach einer tt lern/stamm gruppe mit oder ohne klanbindung. habe bis jetzt leider noch keine erfahrung, allerdings schon einige videos / streams geschaut. ihr könnt mich ingame unter Salintha oder auf discord Salli#0586 erreichen mein char : liebe grüße salintha
  2. Coin Salvaging

    pretty sure thast mew coins arent acc bound yet. yunsang beads are - but im sure everyone who finished story and knows the mechanics of him can do him wthout upgrading anything
  3. Coin Salvaging

    yeah but if you make them accbound im sure this is what happens
  4. Coin Salvaging

    no that not the bracelett is still kinda new and everyone wants it yeah. but if you could farm it on your main for twinks then no :/ im just talking about the salvaging of them because that saves some space. and it was possible during that event. dont like that they've removed it again cuz it was useful
  5. Coin Salvaging

    Hello , so during the previous event you could salvage coins. like meewtineer's coins , tranquillity emblem and the yunsang beads. This helped alot for saving some place in the inventory and i wanted to ask if you could bring this option back
  6. Hallo Ich habe auf meinem Char über 6 Geistes und seelenabzeichen herumfliegen. sei es nun für beide elemente - oder für pvp oder sonstige - die irgendwann mal gebraucht / ausprobiert wurden. Zum wegschmeißen sind diese jedoch zu schade. Gäbe es nicht eine möglichkeit eine Art lager - wie für die verschiedenen Pets oder Waffenskins für die geistes sowie seelenabzeichen zu machen? das primäre lager überquillt solangsam und dieses auszuweiten ist auch recht kostspielig...
  7. Tomorrow event full patch notes?

    but that is only about the coming event. not the systemchanges etc and i think thats what he meant. they mentioned a lot of things in the stream that werent fully clear xD
  8. Mounts?? Question MARK?!?

    mounts would be useless... andif there was a thing like that itd only be used to make money for nc soft i guess
  9. Suggestion for showroom

    if you have premium you get 20 outfit delivery stamps per month for free. i get that some people dont buy premium or dont wanna spend any money in the game but if you really want to transfer an outfit you can just sell some gold ( 6 stamps = 114 hmcoins = ca 100g up to the f9 prices) , 100 gold may seem alot but if you have some gear and run sst - ns and maybe outlaw island you will have 100 gold I like the idea with making a function for new outfits tho. Seems nice
  10. naryu coins and silver

    has it ever been 1:1 ? i dont think so. but its normal. you get naryu coins like everywhere. if you are missing some just go If a few times lol
  11. This is terrible. I really do need oils - but i dont have those demon stones. Yet the friends i have have like 200 laying around from when they were able to farm and even drop from cold storage. Please bring it back that they can also drop in cold storage or put them back on daily dash or anything. Sure there are people who dont need them anymore. But if you dont play since idk what you just dont have these and the soul is so important in bns.. People tell me to do events to get my soul up but please? you checked out this one? spending hours there and dropping killer coins aint a thing
  12. No more Upgrade Emblem

    the upgrade emblems were part of an event. now there is another event and that one with the upgrade emblems is over. so you can not get them anymore
  13. How to walk on the wall ?

    the quest for wallwalking is on moonwaterplains - you need to buy an item from the merchant in pvp area (put on your factionuniform and go there ) then go back to the quest and talk to old man cho.
  14. Hongmoon Coin gain

    you can get hongmooncoins by reaching a certain rank in pvp . (arena / 1v1 / battleground 6v6) also in tower of infintity but you need to have a high rank there. otherwise you may drop some hongmooncoins from daily chests or on the stampboard.
  15. schau mal unter einstellungen - sicherheit - autorisierte Standorte.