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  1. You'll be able to earn Nocturnal Scale Fragments in the revamped MSP from the two Stage dailies there (Stage 3 and Stage 6) and it could possibly also be a rare drop there.
  2. The MSP vendor will have a tab for Nightstones till the 22th September where they will be antiqued.
  3. There will also be a Stage 7-->Stage 12 bundle called "Master Locksmith's Bundle". They will probably release it sometime this week or at next reset after the event is actually done but you can still open the chests.
  4. So with the next raid coming this patch, it seems to be the perfect time to update the out-dated prices of the older raid currency transmutes. Like why does it still cost 5 GOLD to turn a Raven King's Soul into 3 Raven Feathers? Same with Hive Queen Hearts into 3 Hive Queen Feathers etc. One would even say that there should be no cost since the Weapon --> Soul Shield currency ratio is so low anyways, but to be fair, it should look like this. Raven King's Soul --> 3 Raven Feathers should cost 1g to transmute Hive Queen Heart --> 3 Hive Queen Feathers should c
  5. @Cyan Can we just get a yes/no already? Just say they're not gonna be in there instead of not saying anything for 9 days now......this is getting ridiculous now.
  6. @Cyan Any news about this? Opened 6/12 Armory Chests so far and 0 Jewels and there are 0 Jewels in the tooltips of the 7-12 Armoy Chests too. Hopefully they won't just get added into the chests after and people miss out cause they have opened them already, just notifying to make sure that doesn't happen since I really need these Jewels right now. Maybe add some vendor that opens up the more chest you've opened already or just mail them out. I could buy them myself but then I would just be annoyed getting 130 extra that I would have no use for at that point
  7. Nice quick response, now we just gotta locate the missing 130 Legendary Jewels from the Armory Chests
  8. These are pretty important for upgrading the accessories so hopefully it will be fixed fast.
  9. It was moved to the Cold Storage vendor and now require the Lesser Demon Spirit Stones to convert instead of Solar Energies.
  10. UPDATE: Still hasn't been fixed even after the Awakening uodate This is a collection of stat bugs and visual bugs I've noticed recently. Would be nice if there could be made some better consistency here. The Inheritor's Ring does not have "Stage 1-3" in the Awakened name, as seen here VS The Skyshatter Ring has too much Evasion compared to the Inheritor's Ring, as seen here VS Elevation Necklace and Skysunder Necklace have too much Piercing compared to the Rings, Earring and Gloves of their Summit's Call or Ancestral Blessing
  11. They most likely won't do this. HOWEVER, whenever a new Tier 3 Dungeon legendary accessory releases, the Tier 2 unrefined version will be discontinued and replaced with a box giving either the Stage 1 PvE version or the Stage 1 PvP version. So with the earlier 12th September release, the Inheritor's/Skyshatter unrefined ring drop got replaced with a box giving either a Stage 1 Inheritor's/Skyshatter ring with no Red Crux cost, same will happen next dungeon release for the Tier 2 Apex/Skypearl Earring and the dungeon + solo dungeon release after that for Tier 2 Necklace and Glove. (Do note that
  12. There's a really easy fix for this. Just have the PvE version be on the other side of the PvP version, putting it under the PvE section instead of to the side of the PvP section. Old version New version (Sick Paint skills) Wasn't at home so grabbed a screenshot so they're missing the awakened versions but you get the idea.
  13. It is a known bug and affects only Gunners, might be fixed with today's maintenance.
  14. Pretty sure DD Hm isn't removed....that would be really stupid cause then it would mean SSM and HH too aren't HM anymore. They almost just removed NS, IF and EL from HM in late August so if they already removed the HM on these....that's would just be ridiculous. Why they are even removing HM from Naryu Sanctum and up is beyond me, feels stupid to remove the actual version of the dungeons with mechanics for no reason at all. Proof from a recent stream on KR Top to bottom: Hatchery Phantom Troupe The Shadowmoor Sandstorm Temple Ransacked Treasury
  15. NCwest (and possibly NCsoft as a whole) has a habit of never nerfing accessory material upgrade prices. This is likely because of the fact that the Blue/Red Cruxes exist. So for example, the BT ring/earring costs the same to upgrade still, but that's because they can be salvaged for a Blue Crux that will bypass the 4 PTS + 500 MSC + 500 EC price that it'll take to make an unrefined TT ring/earring into a stage 1 version. There will most likely be a unrefined version of the next raid necklace that KR will soon get, which then also will require a Blue Crux to upgrade to stage 1 for free. Yo
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