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  1. Its actually 9 aswell, i just dont have the stats to do those 3 highest dungeons.
  2. Is there any plan on bringing a Bundle with the stage 7 to 12 keys? The once im actually struggling to get are 10-12
  3. Wait what my post got removed because I typed stars instead of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤? NANI?? So yah, Belgium players can't see any of the boxes, only the hongmoon coin once. Can't you make a 1 Hongmoon Coin one?
  4. How do you get the 1NCoin box? I don't see it anywhere, only the 139 onces.
  5. Hey, Could someone explain me the last boss in here please? I know we have to KD - Stun - KD - Stun. But something still keeps killing me. Am I supposed to iframe the attack after the 2nd KD so I go out of spirit realm or how does this work? Or am I supposed to be iframing something else aswell? Thanks for helping.
  6. If Holy Fire Badge is the one we need, why does every gunner later on go for firefall and tombstone increase? It's like the moment you can merge those 2 Holy Fire becomes shit? :o
  7. Hey, Im looking for gunslinger streams if anyone knows some please post them here. Thank you!
  8. A new question. I've seen some videos about gunslingers using undertaker without hitting something and it draining lightspeed. Is this an update we are still gonna get or is this something that already got nerfed and those are old korean videos?
  9. I believe you also bring up the rifle with certain skills. I think skill 3 for shadow and flame bring out the rifle. Correction the F proc from skill 3 brings out the rifle I believe.
  10. Thanks alot for your answer, a quick question if I may? Do you always do Tab and C with 3 (hold on to 3 if you see Tab or C is about to come off cooldown?) so you get the increased damage from the mark and no need for reloading or do you just use Tab, C on cooldown and 3 aswell whenever it is up?
  11. Hello, Im coming to the point where I'm about to buy badges and get my soul to awakened. Problem is I just cannot decide which Gunner to play, Flame or Shadow. I like both of the playstyles ALOT. I'm a Pve player. Flame pros: Insane burst for dungeon bosses with low health and for general questing and Mushin Tower. Extreemly fun to play. Shadow pros: Great sustain for those newer bosses if your group is sorta undergeared. Still pretty decent burst for Mushin Tower aswell. And probably better for raids aswell (when I find a guild). Extreemly fun to
  12. Thanks alot for your responses! The thing is at this moment fire and shadow do close the same dps for me over a 5 even 10 minute fight (I consider this pretty long no?). This is why Im wondering why shadow would be better. Do badges and higher gear scale better with shadow atm or something? I'm at 740 AP so real basic gear. Fire does 25k dps for me while Shadow does 25.5k over 10 mins. And do you know if Tombstone Move 1 is far better then Tombstone Move 2? Because I realy dislike it putting you in place like that. It might result in getting no use of Tombstone if u hav
  13. Hello, I have a few questions that I'm not entirely sure of what to pick or how it works, etc. Question 1: Shadow or Fire for pve? I've been hearing alot of people say that Shadow is the go to spec for pve (dungeons, raids). Now when I run around in the game I tend to see alot more Fire gunners, people having fire badges, souls, flame accessory. And I did some testing myself on a boss and for me fire and shadow over the course of a 5-10 mins fight end up almost exactly the same (I don't have a Badges or Soul, Questing gear). The only thing that might push fire lowe
  14. Wait so... If I'm reading this correct the people that bought/used keys in that little time frame where they were available, not only get to keep everything they got from the trove but also get their keys back? Thats like almost getting double for what you paid? (not double because of the bug ofc, but still). And the people that didn't get to buy/use keys in that time frame get the short end of the stick now? That seems like a terrible idea to split ur playerbase. Couldn't they have come up with another solution? Maybe like giving people their keys back and giving
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