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  1. Betas can't use Alpha Call though so...
  2. Need to have Easy, Normal, and Hard. Going from one extreme to the other is crap.
  3. I think if you're premium, you should have access to the full wardrobe to borrow for a day (items reset at standard daily reset time). To buy, a better reduction in store costs, but also a higher chance of getting them in dungeons/wheels/etc.
  4. The answer to this doesn't have a PG rating to it.
  5. Instead of everything being a 1-X stars category they should make each open slot have a chance for a 1-X start with the chance for a higher star increasing per slot opened. And the Crit should be all slots getting max stared items.
  6. Trove has always been a joke. But hey, a fool and their money...
  7. Google: "error checking windows 10" see if that helps.
  8. I still think my idea was pretty dang good.
  9. Cache Panda Village needs a better reason go to there. Maybe have a 10% 100-1,000 gold drops to occur. Even better, once all the regular pandas are gone a mega panda shows up and drops a key to a Vault where you have 20 seconds to grab what ever you can from materials to money to outfits! Limit 1 per person per group. No alliances.
  10. The 4box grind aint bad and with Spiders it's quick. I do wish they would add more to the area since we only use about 1/3 of the map. But they're to busy building new stuff 70% of the player base wont see for a while.
  11. My biggest issue is the spamming of raid requests. I've seen certain not to be named people who will post it every 20 seconds (checked the time stamp). Plus anyone who is looking for raid/party recruitment will open that channel to find a group.
  12. If I had a subscription and the servers were down more than 3 days, yes I'd expect compensation. But for a "I'm not happy" reason, no.
  13. I have. No on answers. Too busy talking trash to each other to notice. :(
  14. There's several things in Zaiwei I want to get that require achievements like Foundry Fast Track to be completed. Does anyone run groups for this? I'm interested if anyone would like to.
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