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  1. I appreciate your explanation. Now I can go back to deluding myself into believing that they are a viable species and totally not just an excuse for people who took Lolita as an instruction manual to get about as close as they'll ever be allowed to come to small children.
  2. Gotta be honest...flat chested Lyn sounds more perverted than chested Lyn especially now that I've pointed out that they really are just an excuse to have Lolis in game given that they aren't biologically viable as a species. Also I don't think I've ever heard it mentioned that Lyn feed on nature, it says they are close to nature but not that they gain any sustenance from it. If anything Lyn seem to have exceptionally normal family dynamics which makes me think they probably reproduce exactly like IRL humans do, right down to the nursing process. If you gave them proper breast opti
  3. I mean are they really all female or do they just look that way to outsiders? Are they asexual? Are they immortal and there's a set number of them? How do Yun exist?
  4. ...they don't have breasts? I'm willing to buy a youthful fey-looking mammalian race. I'm willing to buy that the horns on the horned Lyn are concave and therefore might actually be ears preventing deafness, I can even stretch my realism about how Descendents of Kirin seem to have every animalistic feature except Giraffe or Unicorn (Since Dragon sort of counts anyway). But I draw the line at flat chests, mammals feed their young breast milk it's a defining feature, unless they lay eggs or are like cats and their tits swell during childbirth/weening stages I don't think this is a viable species
  5. So Madun sends us on a vision quest? But then Jinsoyun kills everyone? Except not cause they're all still alive and Madun is missing? And we're us? But the Mayor recognises us? But we're still in the past? But...okay I'm really confused. The plot was going so straight forwardly...but now you've lost me.
  6. So I was curious to see how dedicated Lyn character models were to the animal ears thing and it turns out they are VERY dedicated...Lyn don't have human ears on their character models at all. But this raises a burning question...how do horned Lyn hear anything? Spoiler: They don't.
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