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  1. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    They did say in the patch notes that the orbs will be removed during the event to be replaced with Jubilant Keys which can be attained through daily request reward, I do not think they are going to be changing that any time soon.
  2. lag issues

    I'm having the same issue unfortunately where my ms would drop to 100 then skyrocket up to 362 ms. Even if I'm at Heaven's Reach. I reset my router and did a few speed test runs but everything is okay. It honestly stinks.
  3. Achievements?

    It was for dungeons that are now just a memory.
  4. Achievements?

    Yes, they did remove some achievements for Soul Shields Collection as well as a few minor ones we would hardly notice. I don't think they took the points away if you had already achieved it. They also added some achievements for Raids, Wings, as well as others I can hardly remember right now.
  5. Where to find outfits...

    WHITE SEDUCTRESS: This outfit was released in trove a year or so ago DARK PHOENIX: Was released either during an event, HM Store, or another Trove PHOENIX OUTFIT: Was released in HM Store for almost $50 - $55 in NCoins. When you look at the outfits in the Storeroom, look at the category it is under, it will tell you which zone/place the outfit could be or where it was sold. The outfits you have been looking for were in HM Store/Event. NCSoft has put some outfits for sale if you go to the vendor that is in Zaiwei, you can buy some for Fabrics/High Fabrics. The Cosmetic Vendor sells old event outfits for Yarn and whatever that other thing was.
  6. NC Streaming

    Is this something we can actually use because I've tried connecting the game to it and all I get is a big fat red circle that clearly saying NO.
  7. NC Launcher

    There are 2 solutions that I know that work, well @dorkqueen90 being the third. Run as Administrator Allow NCLauncher2 through your firewall. Before you downloaded the launcher, did you press CTRL + F5 while on the downloading page before you downloaded the software?
  8. New launcher

    I had the same problem and "Run as Administrator" got me right in.
  9. long loading start game

    Translated with Google Translate (I apologize in advance for any mistakes) Když se dostanu na první obrazovku a zaregistruji se, trvá to příliš dlouho. Odpojení od serveru se mi však zatím nestalo. To může být 1. Problém s připojením k internetu 2. Počítač. 3. BnS server Mým problémem je, že můj laptop není určen k hraní
  10. returnee question about accessories

    Alright let me try to get this in order. After you get your Hollow Accessories you should go for your legendary accessories such as Necklace (Desolate Tomb), Ring (Ebondrake Citadel), Belt (Naryu Foundry), and Tiger/Dragon Bracelet (Naryu Sanctum). If you wish to continue upgrading the Siren Bracelet to its max level till you can't anymore, you can salvage it for Legendary Jewels which you can use to upgrade your legendary accessories.
  11. The Midnight Skypetal Plains Merchant is within the dungeon, they don't have a merchant for that dungeon outside of it.
  12. Happy new year to players

  13. forgot pin number

    If you forgot your Pin Number contact Blade & Soul Support and submit a ticket to request for them to remove/reset it so that way you can make a new one. Reponse time could range from within an hour or later (a lot later).
  14. Considering Returning After 2 Years

    I don't play much in PvP, I actually try to avoid it if I can but I know there are still some bots in Tag Match. There have been forums about Battleground being unfairly matched between players who are high geared and low geared. I can't really tell you about hackers that are taking top tier of the game, only people using their alts to take up the top tier. PvE Mats have changed (don't know how long you have been gone), there are no longer any Frozen Stingers and Honorary Ornaments are gone and replaced with Sacred Orb/Crystals and Elysian Orb/Crystals. Virdian, Cinderland, and Moonwater Transformation stones are gone and only Silverfrost Transformation Stones (now called only Transforamtion Stones) are still around to upgrade your gear and the quartz can be bought in Dragon Express for 2 Soulstones. There are things in dungeons called Lucent Treasure Chest and Treasure Pouch that gives you mats the mats you need but there are some people who will bid for it at a crazy price depending on how desperate they are. Also you will get another box which you will need to unlock with a Guild Crafting Key to get crafting mats for your specific guild. There is much of any mats that bot can overrun out in the world anymore....well, none that I know of since I hardly pay attention.
  15. How to unlock hongmoon levels?

    last I remembered, you can actually be HM once you beat Jinsoyun because I did see someone once be 47 HM 1. I don't know if they changed that since HM use to mean when you learned the true Hongmoon Arts...that was back a few months after Silverfrost came out though....