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  1. How can we run HM if we dont have the orb of ascension kindly fix your patch pls!
  2. I suggest NC need to add additional frenzy hours in the morning and afternoon at least an hour so that some people who plays morning between 9-11 am est and afternoon2-4pm est can also enjoy it not only whales who plays at night can enjoy the frenzy hours. The que time in the morning or afternoon so long.
  3. I like to suggest add additional frenzy time in morning or afternoon for 6v6 for at least 1 hour so that some who works at night can enjoy it to the waiting time for 6v6 is so long if u lfp at morning or afternoon I hope u can just add it in the future.
  4. I hope NC add some 6v6 frenzy time in the morning or afternoon for at least an hour or two for those who works at night time.
  5. what is ur disord name i'll invite u to discord channel that recruits clan
  6. Yup they need to increase the drop rate of weapon chest or make it available at celestial basin merchant for peaches
  7. I just need the weapon chest at HH for my weapon breakthrough so that I can upgrade it from stormdragon 4 to stage 5
  8. I have been doing hh and still no weapon chest drop for my weapon break through I hope they put the weapon chest at celestial basin to buy it with peaches.
  9. My low lvl char just unluck the blood dragon title now I can lvl up thank you to my friends who help me to unluck the title.
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