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  1. Achievements recalculated?

    Have a new archer on Yura. The last three achievements were 'discounted' While the tags show one number the reward is a different number 100 runs at Tomb of Exile - 35 pts but only 15 given Complete Act VIII - 45 pts but only 35 given 500 windstrides - 30 pts but only 10 given Have the rewards changed or adjusted and the tags not updated?
  2. How do Yun exist?

    Google - asari mass effect Seems to work for their canon and bottomline
  3. Achievements?

    Did I miss something in the updates that they wiped most of the achievements formerly in key U?
  4. Game launcher stuck at logo and load forever

    i had a problem with xcode not loading after the initial sign in on my laptop after a Win10 update. Finally found the problem in Window Defender. Had to manually add the BnS exe file to the allowed executable files in Defender. Of course, reboot after making the change. Same thing now with Launcher 2 in the update. Had to manually go into the 'protection' software and add the executable so that the system would allow BnS to run.
  5. Spammers have a work around

    On the 16th while in the Celestial Basin on Zulia, I got repeated spam messages. Even when I selected Block spammer or Block the same spam would continue, almost matching the times I hit Block or Block Spammer. Several times after clicking on the Block Spammer or Block, I checked f4 but could not find the name in either block listing. Once I left the Basin, the spamming stopped.
  6. Wynn, wynn, wynn

    At least that is what I think my lyn FM is screaming. Hit the rmb, lmb, or both - wynn, wynn, wynn. At the same time both arms go flying out like casting a vail. Heath bar on the target, but a wee bit out of range - wynn, wynn, wynn. Killed the npc but casting too fast - wynn, wynn, wynn. I hear and see other FMs doing the same, just not the high squeaky voice of my Lyn. What did they do in this the update? They wanted to embarrass FMs right? :P
  7. So where's my costume?

    Submitted ticket. Received my outfit. Thank you Support. XD
  8. So where's my costume?

    Just happened to me too. Just found this in the forum when looking to see if anyone else had the same issue. Purchase history shows it bought. No where to be found.
  9. I hope there is no IP conflict.
  10. Friends List Won't Load

    As the title says. Logged off , logged on. No change. Rebooted the computer. Still Friend List won't load. Always says try later. Still waiting for 'later'. Did the update wipe it?
  11. Crafting Issue

    Go read 8/31/2017 | Announcement Crafting System Streamlining It's dead Jim, till the update. You can still receive items you started before late yesterday and are in process.