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  1. Anyone else have this popping up for them directly after trying to install the new launcher? it checks for updates for a few seconds then this pops up. I have disabled my anti virus
  2. 2 outfits same style and colour but cant put it into f3? wtf is this different names? same outfit? lol...
  3. Having the same stupid problem i feel you >.< wish they would fix this. seems after the patch things got wrose in celestial basin
  4. I hate that this is an issue, I want to farm peaches and get my materials >.<
  5. so i have a question for everyone how many clears do you have and how many times has the badge dropped? this is very annoying as this boss refuse to drop badge for us we have 11 wind necklaces, 2 shadow, and 1 badge.... literally almost a wind neck for the whole raid.... im just curious to see how many other people's progression is at a stand still beause you cant get the badge...
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