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  1. Remember that time when they released MSP and the healthbar between stage 5 and stage 6 increased by 3774% because of the ridicolous difference between mid-low gear and high-end gear? Me neither
  2. A wish for the F10

    Is this a meme or are you for real
  3. And here you see a BnS player in its natural habitat, trying to keep off the predator NCSoft from creeping up behind and taking a portion of its hard earned money. Since the player knows it has to spend the entire spring and summer to gather enough money to survive winter, it tries to strike a deal to the unmovable NCSoft to try and soften in its position. In exchange the player offers to pledge its loyalty to the game. Will NCSoft accept the deal? We'll discover it in the next episodes of "Probably not" your favourite nature documentary about the various kinds of gamers that inhabit our beautiful internet.
  4. Listen your voice please.

    I can and will compare NA and KR not through their current content but through the timeline of the patches which in korea have been objectively further from eachother on average than in the west and as such the average of their gear at the time of our patch was simply higher (even more so due to their grindy mentality) and such more fit to receive the content we are currently having. The time we have to gear up compared to them is simply too short and it's one of the main reasons of why whales seem so dauntingly ahead of f2p and why people refer as this model as to pay to progress, when at this point it's clear that the catch up won't be possible until the West completely catches up with KR content as to which there will be content stagnation and the chance for f2p to actually have time to gear up. Also I would like to point out that "smart players" and their methods of gaining gold like playing the market and getting in arena ladders, are intrinsecally limited in spots: you can't have more than a certain amount of people doing it because the method will either break (market) or simply doesn't allow it (arena ladders). Unless you are referring to some other way of making money besides grinding the latest content dungeon for 1000 times straight before the rewards get ninja nerfed into the ground, like it happened plenty of times.
  5. Listen your voice please.

    Maybe because korea has had about double the time to grind and gear up for the content that we are currently having and NcSoft instead of fixing the bosses healthbars accordingly, instead it chooses to artificially boost a small % of players that decide to pay for in-game advantages, because the content is literally not balanced for f2p at the current state of the game. As you said, if there was no trove and no rngbox and no-life grinders f2p players would still not be able to do the dungeons, then the dungeon would literally not be able to be run by anybody which would mean that the content is not balanced for those kind of players, but instead for f2p that have had double the time to gear up (koreans) or whales. NcSoft could've went and lowered the bar but chose the retarded approach of keeping the same bar and here we are with an event that requires 1.3mil dps, despite the average player being way lower than the requirements, because in korea the average is higher. I could explain my point a third time but I think anybody can see where I'm getting at.
  6. Yes, we get it, players with decent gear can have a pretty decent money farm. Now let's focus on the real problem here, games bleeding players is nothing new. The problem with BnS is that it's losing players more than it's generating....why? Well there's just a plethora of problems: 1) Lack of a proper tutorial, this wouldn't be a problem if the game just didn't lack any shape or form of skill check until way in. Of course it's easy to blame the braindead players, when the game tutorial on mechs is literally BT because no other dungeon has soft-mech to teach players how to actually play. Nevermind the fact that good luck with your rotation being severely butchered by the lack of badges and such. 2) The grind, while necessary, it hits so suddenly, one minute you are killing story bosses, the next minute the game basically says "farm this everyday for 3 months straight and maybe you will see content like static VT", we are not talking about people with geared friends, we are talking about fresh people that know nothing about the game and that possibly come in group between 2-4 players, that are turned off immediatly by how suddenly the difficulty spikes. Imagine a new player wanting to try sogun's lament. TLDR the grind has to be smoothened, it scales too hard for too little gain. 3) Hardcore elitism, we get it that people want fast runs but holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, I've seen in faction new people with raven stage 6 actually getting refused from BT raids because their DPS was too low, W H A T? And this extends to half of the lobbies requiring insane gear for the lowest dungeons, 1400+ AP for avalanche den mmk. "Just create yer own lobby ya dummyboi" yeah I'm pretty sure that many people want to run Naryu Sanctum at any time of the day as I'm sure that a party full of newbies will be able to complete it with them having next to 0 coordination and knowledge about it. This is again the lack of tutorial's fault, newbies need to be carried, if they are carried they become braindead, by becoming braindead they are never able to do semi-serious content, by never doing it they get discouraged and quit, if you don't help them it becomes a trial by fire which not many survive. 4) Variety, this goes from the start to the end, I get it, it's a fighting game, grinding is the core, alright, but farming the same ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ literally for hours to no end, no variables, absolutely no change in the boss rotation, most games are smart enough to implement some sort of rotation in that to get rid of the monotony, bns has none of that, beside spamming the same 3 dungeons. At least they are trying to fix it by adding fishing or whatever, but the game needs some variety, you can't keep it alive on so few dungeons for so long. Besides endgame players literally just log in once a week for raids and that's it. 5) Optimization, I might not have a NASA PC but sure as hell I got a decent one, there's no way a game with such mediocre graphics (in 2019) is running so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poorly. I can run modern games easily with stable 60fps with high graphics and yet in BnS I'm forced to go CTRL+F in raids on lowest settings just to get a stable 30, are you memeing me? Now imagine a new player in the same situation as me, or even worse and I'm pretty sure there is a fair amount of those. They'll just be like "20 fps on random fog effect at asuras? welp guess I'll play something else". UE4 is supposed to come? Well it better hurry the f up because other MMO are gonna be released this year and it will steal a good chunk of the population. 6) Team dependence, now I'm pretty sure this is mostly a personal issue, but BnS in the first year and half was a game that was enjoyable as a solo player, sure you had to have a party for each dungeon, but if something rubbed you wrong, you could have just left, never to see those people again. Fast forward to today, you have to literally chain yourself to 11 more people to do raid content behind which is locked half of the relevant gear progression, are you kidding me? This completely kills the solo player and don't say "just buy a raid run lmao" because it's not a solution, you're just giving your hard earned gold to some guys you wanted to have nothing to do with to begin. An MMO can be an MMO without rubbing in your face "be in a clan and force yourself to be social". Look at Elsword, look at Soulworker (altho bad management killed it RIP) TLDR: this game offers literally nothing but the combat system, of which it's severely dumbed down to the point of not being enjoyable anymore. I remember having to actually mantain a rotation in between bosses attack instead of spamming every single dps skill as soon as it's off cooldown. The lack of in-game tutorials, elitisim and optimization are completely decimating the new players that were bound to come due to the game popularity. Variety and team dependence ultimately kills the fun in the game as you are forced to go through extremely repetitive content while also having to rely extremely hard on other people own skill level on harder content with no way to get it later without being severely delayed in gear progression. Remember avalanche den? The entire party would wipe but as long as you were the pro at timing 8 iframes you could single handely carry it. This without mentioning the blatant advantages paying players have, there are plenty of ways to incite players to pay without straight out giving them 20k gold worth of items in a Trove, at the moment is several times more efficient to actually go to work and pay with your wage than to play. Imagine that, everyone one day would just log in to swipe to get max gear and then log out. Game would be empty like that, it would be a money-making game yes, but would you consider it alive? Btw I know you're not going to read this but if you want to reply to this book at least be constructive about it.
  7. Blade&Soul Activity

    https://imgur.com/a/LfSgwqE Just saying but the site itself admits that its own numbers are far from being an accurate rappresentation of reality. Hell due to their algorhythm Cabal 2 shows 600-700 players daily when the official servers have completely shut down, just because a couple of dudes keep showing up in its subreddit. I would follow what Ozonek said and just ignore these statistics and wait for numbers from a credible source. However if I had to give my opinion, I'd say that the game is kind of not faring too well, not the plummeting type, but the slowly bleeding players, for the various reasons that the other people listed above. In the short term this won't mean much because the player base is decently big, but in around a year it'll start to weight more and more and BnS might fall in the ever too known spiral of death that many lobby dependent MMORPGs fall into when they start lacking players. If the developers manage to fix at least the optimization issue with the release of UE4, the game might be able to go well into the 2020 without too much trouble, if they flop that however....eh...time to switch to VRChat for real.