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  1. If you keep going like this you keep loosing players. Its that what u want? I'm about to quit already.
  2. I just reach level 50 on my Blade Dancer I have 420AP and now I need to obtain moonstones to start upgrape my acessories....where can I farm it? SSP its impossible only for the "whales" players I tryed mushin but can't even beat F8 3rd shadow. There is any friendly place for new players to farm moonstones? cus price its ridicoulos and for do dugeons they ask 500+ or 550+ but for upgrape I need moonstones...so what I do?
  3. Hey we want pratical results not physical details. When I go restaurant I ask for food not how its made.
  4. Are you guys aware of faction imbalance and all ssp related issues? Do you have wanna plans to address this issue?
  5. Well I'm a blademaster with 610AP and I can't drop shit on ssp I hate this system where only top players benifit of this and getting only more rich not allowing regular players to farm ...as you see most of people that spend all day on spp have legendaries already so thats why I quitted the game since devs don't give a shit about nothing.
  6. try join a guild to help you out, otherwise your *cricket*ed.
  7. you should put some cash to carry you
  8. Of course dame is dying and the prove was serge merge and also twich streamers. They are tons of issues in this game needs to be ajusted and devs don't give a *cricket* just keep ignoring and keep doing the p2w events. I wonder if they read forums? There zero communication between devs and players. The forum is now full of toxic topics...something needs to be done no? Nahhh lets just merge the servers and problem is solved.
  9. Boas, Somos uma pequena comunidade que joga mmo's há algum tempo, temos experiência em guilds e grupos competitivos em Dragon Nest (SEA 1 das maiores comunidades de língua portuguesa, EU uma das mais avançadas guilds portuguesas), Guild Wars, Blade n Soul (Russo - end game, Chinês - end game lvl 45, Taiwan - só experiências), DMO, etc. Mas também jogamos casuais como LOL e CSGO. Para o Blade n Soul o nosso objectivo não é ter a maior guild ou a guild com mais rank pois isso implica que não podemos dar atenção a todos. Apontamos para uma guild de pequena ou média dimensão em que temos pa
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