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  1. You never know maybe it will happen they will not lose money of it peaple still would buy this bundles maybe they bringt it out we will see.
  2. You don´t get it. i hope the devs get what i want.
  3. This is your oppinion i like it how it is. but my asepkt is i don´t like to gamble all the time for items that other region can buy out of the f10 and thats why i post this here and in the trove i get some items that i don´t need thats why i want this bundle to only get that what i want to pay for and to progress with my money. How many times do i have to tell you this over and over again. please don´t answer any more this is only a wish and i hope they do it.
  4. This is how mmos work play somehting else if you don´t like it. Old stuff gets boring after time they have to bring out new conntent and new items there is no reason to do a raid where it will droop nothing xD.
  5. Did it broke the kr server ? you will see soon or later why i ask for this if you see the next cost for the heart and soul .
  6. This is only to progress faster you don´t need to buy it i would like to have more options for my money if i spent it any way in this game for trove and rng box why not instant on the f10 for a bundle like this this will not effect any one only peaple how play with the market and over price the oils. don´t know what your point is here it don´t effect you anay way if you are free to play. i play this game every day more than 6 hours some times 12+ h .
  7. This is still going on anyway you can get lucky if more peaple have better gear so they can ez carry free2play player the whole community have to think about this and help each other and problem is peaple are playing with the market so rich peaple getting richer with the gold and new players can´t catch up so this is way better for new player if they bring out this bundle. you can not recomend this game to peaple how don´t even want to spend money in this game but this will never change this is to late for this game.And one point is they nerfing the gold from the dungeon new peaple can´t catch
  8. yes i know it but this is not what i want talk here i want only more options to spend my ncoins on.
  9. becaus in the old days the game had more peaple now its not even the half amount of peaple.
  10. Read the top post trove and rng box are still in kr but they added this bundle too you don´t even know how this game get handled in kr don´t event talk please
  11. I play this game since releace i i really like this game this is why i spend money in this game to support them .and if all think like you not to pay in this game this game would not be online anymore if they don´t get money they would shut down the server think about that its all about money.
  12. Guys think about that if they do it like kr and they put the oils and vilas in the f10 maybe the price of them droop in the f5 it would help all players, i can´t understand it why you all don´t want this system it would be way better for all of us you don´t even need to buy them if you dislike this but it would be way better to have this option. The course ncoins for gold is not good its not even 1:1 you get nothing for your money.no fear trove is still there and rng box too but they would add the bundle 10 oils and 10 vials so if peaple still want gamble you can go for it .but peaple like me
  13. Why should it be impossible they have it in kr ? why not on all regions our f10 has the same outdatet items every time and i don´t want a answer from you guys i would like to here the answer from a GM .
  14. Yes but now with the Talisman this give you more dmg + deff and you can upgrade it with pet pack. I like to gamble but not with this system oils und vials are way to rare thats why i would like to have a better f10 our f10 its the same like for 3 years only trash.
  15. I agree with you guys we need something to farm this evolvestones.But my point is i pay monthly for rng boxes and trove i don´t want to gamble any more i want to progress faster with my money thats why i ask for oils/vials/gems for the f10 i would like to have the option not to gamble all the time and i want to buy with my ncoins only what i need to progress and with this rng i don´t have this choice. We already have a system like that and it is with the pet pouches we can buy 10 of them, getting 10 pets and 10 pet packs so why is there not an option with vials and oils we need way to much fo
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