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  1. I for one use "simplified combat" as an accessibility feature, not a laziness thing. I have carpal tunnel, so not having to spam buttons lengthens the amount of time I can enjoy this game, and I can still make some crucial inputs when I need to; however, simplified combat doesn't let Warlocks use the new skills that require Quell. (It's probably doing this for other classes, too). Any chance this can be changed? For accessibility?
  2. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    well shoot, I jumped to conclusions AF. I pressed f8, saw the big "DREAMSONG THEATER" icon with instructions on where to go, and of course I assumed that was the only one I'm prepared for the storm of regurgitated internet insults. But still, the challenge is probably a little too elitist, so I'll leave this post up (and add this comment to the main post, so ppl read it first and I don't have to reply to a bunch of standard, toxic internet users)
  3. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    "Joining a party deletes the character's current Dungeon Challenge Party Ranking." There's no option to run it unranked, or if there is, correct me because it doesn't seem clearly stated. I'm in the f11 recruit lobby (which is where the icon in f8 tells you to go) looking at it rn.
  4. Dreamsong Theater does not work

    DISCLAIMER: I jumped to conclusions AF with this: I pressed f8; saw the big "DREAMSONG THEATER" icon with instructions on where to go; and of course I assumed that was the only Dreamsong Theater there was. I'm prepared for the storm of regurgitated internet insults. But still, the Dungeon Challenge mode is probably a little too difficult to get started running, so I'll leave this post up (and add this comment to the main post, so ppl read it first and I don't have to reply to a bunch of standard, toxic internet users) ______ _ _ Players are going to want/need to run Dreamsong Theater, but people, in general, are going to be discouraged from joining a player's party for fear of losing their rank. This mechanic that's being attempted does not work well for a game this small. It is anti-gameplay I'm not even upset for personal reasons, this is just a legitimately, objectively bad gameplay idea; If I had run this dungeon and received my rank, and then I was faced with the opportunity to possibly get a lower rank and fewer rewards for playing with someone who hasn't gotten a chance to play yet, I wouldn't want to play with them either. Does this make sense? Some people just simply aren't going to be able to find a party. As is, this Dungeon Challenge is way too geared towards the elite members of clans, groups of friends, and discord lobbies, and it completely leaves the common player(s) in the dust; even players who are quite geared, or who are in clans will be often excluded if they're not amongst the top 10 or so players. This new mode needs to have a lower barrier to entry. Keep in mind, Blade and Soul is a video-game where a large percentage of the player base hates the f8 lobby simply because it takes some patience and effort from time to time; they're never going to want to help out anyone who isn't top-whale for this Dungeon Challenge if it means risking rewards. Please rework this as soon as possible, thanxz~
  5. Animations not displaying

    Sometimes, when my character gets put into a Restrain move, the animation for the Restrain doesn't actually show up; instead, my character either remains standing on the ground frozen until the move is over, or my character hovers around in a frozen fighting-stance. Here are a few mediocre examples of this happening (the first one might be a write-off if this is how the animation is supposed to look, but the rest are valid for sure): Whenever Asura pulls all the players toward him in the Snow Fortress raid, I can't see the actual grab animation for any of the characters. They all just slide toward him, stand there frozen in fighter-stance for a moment, then they suddenly end up in the knocked-down animation, getting up. This sort of thing happens a lot to me. Even in PVP, sometimes if I'm grabbed, I remain in the fighting stance instead of actually going into the proper animation. I even T-pose pretty reliably when I deflect attacks if the enemy resists the deflect. I'm pretty sure the reason the animations aren't showing up is due to ping/lag issues since I run my game on high settings, so I'm really hoping it gets fixed when this game moves to the new engine, but... xD ...does anyone else have these problems? Or are you all smart enough to not run your game on max settings even after animations start breaking? xP (Because again, I'm pretty sure that's the cause of it.)
  6. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    There are no infinite resist skills that are able to be active while a player is moving now that the BD's infinite resist skill has been removed. That's all I'm saying. I think WL's chain move is OP, too, that's why I don't use it, and WL's air move is op as well, which is why I have an entire post talking about it several times: the post is called "Overpowered Classes." We're not talking about those things right now, they're irrelevant because they're not moves that infinitely resist damage while allowing the player to move. Even FMs and WLs who are using anti-target/non-range attack bubble/chains can be pushed or pulled out of their bubble/chains using certain moves, and they can still be hurt with non-targetting/aoe moves. Anyway, back on to the BD's now, let's not switch gears and talk about different classes anymore.
  7. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    I said "moving!" There's no skill that infinitely protects a character while they're moving! I'm not even going to bother reading the rest of that comment.
  8. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    I never got upset at BD's or whatever blocking things. Like I mentioned, I didn't even know this was an issue until the patch notes came out. And I hate the invincible buff after stealing a horn, lol. It's stupid. As for your second thing, what the person meant was that coordinating party protects takes more skill now because it's not just an invisible wall that can be thrown up, it has a certain amount of hits now.
  9. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    I have played PvP. :I Please read what I wrote in response to Milennin.
  10. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    Besides BD's Party protect, there was not a move in the entire game that ever protected multiple people for an infinite amount of hits while also allowing them to move around and attack (and if that's not what BD's old party protect did then lol I don't play BD so my mistake, but) that move was far too left-field to be considered appropriate or balanced for this game; it didn't fit in with the rest of the core mechanics of the game (which were [and are] iFrames that have a certain amount of damage-blocks before breaking, or iFrames that block everything but freeze the character(s) in place and stop them from attacking.) Therefore, BD's infinite-party-protect shouldn't have been in the game at all in the first place. It was a misfit move. Thrall is similar to the cat in that they are both summonable creatures that help players. If you strip them down to their basic basic basic mechanics/ideas/intentions, they are the same, and that's the point I'm making. Even Gunners little, floating defense thing, when stripped down to its basic mechanics, is similar but flavored slightly differently than most other Iframes or resistance abilities like WL's anti-target chains, etc.
  11. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    Having a skill that blocks a certain amount of attacks/instances of damage is a way to "avoid Insta death," which is what BD has now with the new update; however, having a skill that avoids ALL instances of damage (10 instances of dmg, 20, 532, whatever) within a certain amount of time, is overpowered because it requires no skill. The player under that sort of effect is just in a safe-bubble as long as it's active. Now that the BD's protect only has a limited amount of protection uses, a person actually has to time their attacks and other resistance-skills (because the BD's effect might break early) and the person can't just lol their way to surviving a barrage of attacks.
  12. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    R u joking. I didn't even bother reading the rest of your comment. Thrall is not "foreign" because there's literally a summoner who has a cat. xD Thrall is like a soft-cat. "Foreign" means: There's nothing like it in the game and it doesn't make sense to have it there. Even class-specific moves are not entirely foreign. Usually, they're just a variation of an already existing move's mechanics but with a different skin (animation).
  13. do i look ugly??

    That's going to be hard since, no matter what, the characters are all always under the same art-style. But you can do what I did and use references from other characters in different games with different art-styles or reference real people so it'll force you to kind of make a unique character.
  14. do i look ugly??

    Don't accidentally fall into the pit of doubting your character, or you'll end up like me, accidentally making a worse character
  15. Auto-Combat. Yes, Gawd

    That'd be nice, but maybe op unless they set guidelines. Also, we need auto-sprint now as well as the auto-jog ;P