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  1. Whats the LFP feature for then ? What do you think people that are new to the game use ? Guess what they think if they have to que 30 minutes and dont get groups or in case of easy mode like 5 Minutes and no group ? Ive written it in the past i believe you should be forced to use lfp one way or another just so the new players dont immediatly see the game is dead this way some new players might even stay. Also thats only the PVE part. What killed the game for most people was simply the removal of PVP.
  2. Its not the only patch that needs to be reverted. Have you looked into F8 ? For PVE you cant even find easy mode groups instantly and sometimes it takes minutes. Normal mode groups are not possible to get unless you search manually same as hardmode. I can understand hard and normal mode you shouldnt enter without a group anyway but easy mode should be instantly. Game died with UE4 what ended it was the removal of PVP. There are like 2 people i still know that play this game active and ive been playing it for 5 years. There have been times i knew nearly every active player by name.
  3. Ive used to play alot of PVE but what always brought me back to this game was the PVP now i havent played much in the last time cause i dont wanna que up to 2 hours to get a single match in pvp and without pvp i cannot enjoy pve. It would be so easy to fix all this we have given them alot of possible solutions but in the end without their help this game is unplaybale. When i log in nowdays i rarely see anyone still playing i played with in the last 5 years and well i knew most active players by name. Why thou ? every single one i asked why they quit said "cause pvp is dead".
  4. I doubt he will answer this so i do. Yes they have to give you the money back even if they refuse at first. They have advitised something wrong so they have two options either give the pass for all your charackters or give you the money back. You also have proof thx to green storm now that they wrongly advitised it at first. And yes even a blog post of the community manager counts as advitisement since he is working for this company and writes in the name of this company. So my recommendation write support legally they only have thoose two options. I doubt they will care cause t
  5. Can i join too even tho i am from EU ? I know ping is big but even if i have 300 ms i am sure i am atleast better than the majority of the PVE only people you gonna have to recruit.
  6. Ive just wanted to show @Green Storm why so many people are hating on this company and him (we know he himselfe is not at fault but it gets reflected onto him too) Ive been in 1v1 for one and a half hour and managed to get 1 Player to play with me. Why thou ? There is no justification to do pvp anymore. NCwest thought for some reason after ignoring every problem PVP has for the past years its nice to remove the last thing that kept pvp playable. I mean i was one of them who asked for HM coin removal but ive also demanded something that replaces Hm c
  7. To be honest here. Yes the game is dying and has no future. Its not cause the game is bad its cause the management is bad. Its still worth playing if you get friends or a guild to play with otherwise you will soon notice you cannot progress since you cannot get to do the content you would need to do simply cause no players. PVP is completly killed you can be in que for like 2 hours and not play a single match simply cause NCwest dropped support for PVP in 2018 even tho its what made BNS big back in 2016 and there is still a market for it. Its not going to get better
  8. Thats the reason ive quit the game after 5 years instead of 2 years. PVP brought me back each time i thought i leave. Only reason i am still in this forum i still have hope they will listen and i can play my favourite gamemode again. Thats what we are trying to tell NCwest since years now. If you mainly want your pvp gear to increase which is normal for a MMO you will do what gives you the most out of your time of course. This also means gamemodes that give you nothing or near nothing PVE related will be ignored. There have been a ton of cost efficent ways to revive PVP but
  9. Do you know how wintrading works ? Its possible with multiple computers but its not likely anyone does it like that cause you would need atleast 3 Computers standing next to each other so you can press LFP fast enough. But with just 3 its gonna take ages. No one would be doing this for BNS if we can just open another instance of the game.
  10. GMs are actully doing there job here and they deleted my comment. In short its impossible to do good DPS on Soul fighter. If you play ICE or Third spec i can still help with that just come to discord: EinFeuchterTraum#8747.
  11. I am not just talking about BG. I mainly talk about 1v1 since the removal of HM coins hurt it the most. Also as ive mentioned most cheats are a disadvantage like insta tab. Well i dont have to outplay my enemy anymore if he uses that. But the gamebreaking stuff is: 1. Speedhack 2. Fly Hack (you can stay in air 24/7 and attack but enemy cant). 3. Wintrade (I consider it a cheat cause you use multiple clients to do that) Thoose are just the worst 3 i can think of right now. Well yeah same here i also reached top 5 in BG that way. That is not the issue. The wh
  12. Our view differ here i guess. I used to love PVP and tryed real hard to get the top 5 outfit. I didnt care about HM coins i got enough anyway cause of 12 chars in ranking but i usually couldnt reach top 5 even tho i knew i was atleast the third best player of my class in EU. Simply cause there are players that wintraded multiple chars up there at the end of season. So the goal a PVP Player should have was long unobtainable and no actions from NCwest even with video evidence. It was not. We had like 3 people at max in que below gold sometimes even less and alot of time atleast one of
  13. Ok i havent looked that much into it since i dont care about pve but to my knowledge only top 100 gets hm coins. Which means a huge ammount of HM coins is now missing out of the game. Also to even have a chance of getting HM coins now you need alot of pve gear forcing you into PVE yet again which forces you to pay $$$ to somewhat keep up. I am sure its not the whole reason why NC removed it but its part of it. Less Hm coins = more need for Ncoin. We can only speculate but my guess was players keept asking NC to ban cheaters and wintraders but they refused after years people started to
  14. Less content = bad. But make it randoom what map get to be played next like in KR. There is a reason HM coins got removed. We had 2 option. 1. Ban cheaters and wintraders or 2. remove hm coins. Since they dont boother with banning people they did option 2. I rather have a dead pvp mode than cheater infested one. Ive seen days were i logged into a bronze char and got Nagisa Yuki who is or was the best European PVP Player in my oppinion which was the result of all the wintrade. As ive written as someone who long time only stayed loyal to the game cause of 1v1 adding HM co
  15. Keep using that excuse. Its right its not known really well how much they are able to control in our version but there are certain things the past showed us they can do but refuse to do. Also since this is a major problem for several years now they just have to tell KR what to change with the rewards. I am sure its not KRs fault cause that is such a small change no way KR cant find the 5 Minutes to change that they simply dont know cause NCwest dosent tell them. There is certain stuff you dont need a dev for but yet they simply refuse to do anything. BTW. we had ex emp
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