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  1. This is why I'm always saying pve players are never smart and yet all of you are the pver's over here! T-the logic is out of this world! " How do you do mechs if you cant start mechs due to instakilling the boss itself." I can't believe i'm reading this. TAKE OFF YOUR BLOODY GEAR AND USE A WEAKER WEAPON?! THINK FOR ONCE! Even better, a broken one! I have plenty! But again, you won't do this, I know "because all of you act the same" It's so hard. And that's why everyone's here now. "B's had high Threat but you never needed it huh? Then why did people use t
  2. It's not that Adtros fault? I already see where this is going... Missing the point first off. Why is someone with agro trying to hit a switch when someone else can? "Also, guess which dungeon my 2017 warlock never had to run. Yeah it's this one. This was a 2016 and done dungeon" AHHHH NO! Not an excuse, you still have all the time in the world to learn this dungeon, there is no time limit as this event. And to not waste your time you can try getting its costumes or w/e you want. You can go right now! But you won't will you? So take that excuse elsewhere.
  3. 2017 And that's the problem. You've had all the time in the world to know this dungeon inside out as you all do so much with the others to the point you all decide to skip bosses. If you're a new player, fine, it's an excuse, if not it's the peoples own fault for not taking the time to learn something that's 2015 old. (2012 for kr) And this is why i'm over here not needing nryu coins and watching everyone else die and blame each other. Not only that, what's even more sad/funny is that the bosses got nerfed (probably for na) so it's easy taking them down unlike years back. Do
  4. Oh my favorite equalized dungeon is back huh? That means I can go in naked and laugh at everyone for not knowing how to do a simple 45 raid. Seems I've missed a few hours of that from all these comments so far. Yeah ima go do that.
  5. Open your eyes. Do you not see how messacard this game looks from it's ue 3 version? This isn't about fps, the game looks like it came out right out of street fighter V/Marvel infinite! Again, this is not an upgrade it's a downgrade. Characters are grayed out (a page out of tera) Items need time to load, speaking of loading just logging into your account takes a moment to load up, I don't know any other client that has presser to load up a "login panel" Character skins/hair and costumes are messed up big time. My character now looks as if he literal
  6. Let me add on this for a moment. People are still DCing when they warp with that system error nonsense. So having to relog which takes forever and more so for people with bad pc's will say a lot later in the months. (or days at the point)
  7. No, seriously, this needs to be considered. UE 4 wasn't good in kr, it's nothing new now.
  8. Just like KR, froze my whole pc before the game even opened. Can we go back to UE 3 now? Besides 4 isn't a upgrade in graphics it's a downgrade.
  9. It was class bugged, destroyers and lyn blades could not logon.
  10. That wasn't feed back and you know it....
  11. Xml noobs that can't handle losing Awaken noobs same above Macros noobs, not our problem you wanna pvp with your bad connection be smart Noobs using A.I assist since they can't handle playin alone, what world do yall live in. We all know pvp's a joke now and kr is the blame. Last time I've checked their tournament was 2 years ago in a coffee shop and not that giant building they always steam inside. That point blank told me this games tournament days were over. Next thing they've tried were PVE raid tournaments and that stupid battle ground, like anyone wants to se
  12. That's because you just searching up mmo's. an not other types of games that idk...WON'T have you spending money all the time?
  13. And I keep repeating 1. Ban xml noobs who can't do things on their own without some help (just like sums and wars funny enough) 2. Bring back 45 cap skills because it was more balanced. 3. Bring back 45 cap skills because awaken broke pvp and made me quit with it and now i'm doing what my friend kun does and idle by the market before running to E.fleet. 4. Bring back 45 cap skills because these people love using their most powerful attack nonstop without using their brain. 5. Bring back 45 cap skills because pvp has too much resist and not actual gameplay anymor
  14. Hey hey hey, can you blame the lady for the nice looking outfits in this game? (BBQ? Should I ask?) This game got some good outfits dood. (That's all it has now.....)
  15. Can't really get around this topics title, you know 70% are quitting or are you just spitting nonsense like the last guy? And if they are that's good for me not like any of them had actual pvp skill without green bags backing them up.
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