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  1. Xml noobs that can't handle losing Awaken noobs same above Macros noobs, not our problem you wanna pvp with your bad connection be smart Noobs using A.I assist since they can't handle playin alone, what world do yall live in. We all know pvp's a joke now and kr is the blame. Last time I've checked their tournament was 2 years ago in a coffee shop and not that giant building they always steam inside. That point blank told me this games tournament days were over. Next thing they've tried were PVE raid tournaments and that stupid battle ground, like anyone wants to se
  2. That's because you just searching up mmo's. an not other types of games that idk...WON'T have you spending money all the time?
  3. And I keep repeating 1. Ban xml noobs who can't do things on their own without some help (just like sums and wars funny enough) 2. Bring back 45 cap skills because it was more balanced. 3. Bring back 45 cap skills because awaken broke pvp and made me quit with it and now i'm doing what my friend kun does and idle by the market before running to E.fleet. 4. Bring back 45 cap skills because these people love using their most powerful attack nonstop without using their brain. 5. Bring back 45 cap skills because pvp has too much resist and not actual gameplay anymor
  4. Hey hey hey, can you blame the lady for the nice looking outfits in this game? (BBQ? Should I ask?) This game got some good outfits dood. (That's all it has now.....)
  5. Can't really get around this topics title, you know 70% are quitting or are you just spitting nonsense like the last guy? And if they are that's good for me not like any of them had actual pvp skill without green bags backing them up.
  6. Ooook and I've been in blade & soul for 10 going 11 years, you see me crying over a day not playing or server change? Wow I can't Afk daily (as you noobs always do in mmos) when you could be doing other things for once in your life. Sitting here acting like the games gone forever, go do somethin.
  7. How about just play the game? What, you forgot how to do that as well? Someones proving my point about not having any other game. You know what "New game or New game +" mean? For my sake tell me you do.
  8. Yeah, I've missed a day of playin bns when I could just logon EU servers and play there for a bit or play another game. NO WAIT LET ME GUESS! You have no other games to play as all others would say right? Or this is my only time to play or some other nonsense right?
  9. I don't use pets now, that nonsense doesn't belong in this game like wings. I don't even pve, all they need to worry about is game balance not no frekin pet tails.
  10. Emma emmerich?! She lives! Anyway i'm sort of confused by this. Are you into creation games or this is just a mmo problem?
  11. Nail on the head, funny how the idiots on reddit talk about white knight when the devs themselves said "Not" to do something and they do it anyway. No common sense in any of them, to be honest none is in NC themselves for outing it in the first place. 4 going 5 days the servers should have been off to fix the issue. I've never seen a game still running with something this big that could possibly bring good or bad to the community. They've had all the time in the world to remove the npc or again, shut down, but this also leads to more cases. Remember our NC can't do jack without kr
  12. I'm also considering this was intended as no ones this clumsy to post how to do something like this and NOT shut down the servers even if people take off saturday/sunday this happened friday they had all the time in the world. Also was people not getting banned for doing this?
  13. I fail to see how pvp matters when we all know how broken and unplayable with these skill revamps mixed with awaken nonsense. It's great that pve players don't need to learn their class anymore just to hit gold or the fact that people still macro and use xml to get away with murder. Let's not forget frame drops each time someone uses a huge aoe attack. Yeah that sure is great.
  14. Of course you don't seem to understand (typical) the arrogant type. Stay arrogant, but Stop talking.
  15. Devs asks community to not bother the npc -> community ignores devs warnings, you know, the people who runs this game? Police tells you not to rob banks, and you do it anyway, what do you thinks gonna happen? Your whole post sums up how dumb you and everyone else abusing that bug truly are, you realize that right?
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