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  1. We have received a word from our Development team and they informed us that it's intended that the Illusion weapon is not included in the New 365 Day Premium Membership reward. The event page will be updated shortly.
  2. they all ready say to me they not gonna give it out illusion weapon
  3. still no word on when the game pad will come back
  4. i think they add to early on the showroom and now they took it off the showroom list
  5. still no frostbite outfit after todays update
  6. hello all where do i get the frostbite outfit from ??
  7. hello did they remove the physics on ur own character breast ??
  8. Oh sure then dont come to troll into a legit complaint of cheaters in the official forum if you are not a cheater then? Because only cheaters that have their interest disturbed who will come and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ at the honest player who is reporting a valid bug that provides unfairness to the game? Hope that makes sense.
  9. this reply clearly showed that this player got mad for other honest players pointing out/reporting cheats/bugs, and hence he is definitely one of the people doing it. Typical cheaters who got mad when honest people point out they were cheating.
  10. It is cheating because you are supposed to need at least 3 people (with brain) to clear this boss 1, but people did it with cheat bug that makes them able to solo this dungeon.
  11. I don't understand, This bug in this dungeon has been exploited by tons of people farming the dungeon, Yes if you have eyes to open it is so crystal clear. People with brain can easily know how to solve this bug (If you are reading this I assume you have brain and it's so easy to fix this bug) And yet the Support team keep replying with Template: "please note that this is a known issue already and the Dev Team is looking into this for a possible resolution for this." This issue has been there since the dungeon came out and yet the developer is still 'trying to fin
  12. We still don't get proper response from the Community manager/whoever? @PhoenixMitra @Hime @Sunshine The community manager/GM/whatever of this game are dead now? Or just not giving respect to player who support your game a lot and reporting reasonable ninja nerf?
  13. Yes this is very true, support always just say write in forum write in forum, like what????? We know this game has not been fair for so long already, but the game developer or rights owner don't care anymore because they still make money.
  14. We all know that reports to support either takes 6months ++ to be taken action on (offenders banned) or never investigated properly. Come on, how long do you think we have played BnS??? We all know that we have so many cheaters and reports were made a lot but either support doesnt have time to investigate or you just don't hire enough people to do support. That is the state of this game right now. Who do you want to cover this unfair state of the game from?
  15. ??? Totally impossible. Have you been playin lately? I only get 25 coins to clear that 300mobs (which takes like 15 mins). Don't think my dps is that lower than you too. You are definitely mistakened.
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