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  1. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    what kind of logic is this? are you joking? the correct logic is one should ask: they make the raid more difficult but do not increase the reward, why the community cannot complain? They should just reduce the reward (but not as aggressive as this daily dungeon reward reduction of 70%), I believe people will understand if the reduction is reasonable -> like the gold dungeon reduction last year which was about 20%. Rather than making the raid more difficult and causing people who used to be able to clear but now cannot clear -> doesn't make sense -> Asking people to give extra (A LOT EXTRA, the reduction in enrage time is no joke) for the same reward. What makes more sense is to think: "okay now you guys can clear the raids with more characters because of many geared players can carry you -> too much gold made by you guys -> we will reduce the reward slightly (let's say 30%)" >>> makes more sense. Do you think by reducing the enrage timer will make people actually do the dps they are supposed to do? LOL. you know this game needs brain to play (that's why we love it), and many players are not as good as some others > reducing enrage timer will never actually help these players to improve at all, it will actually make it worse because now they cannot do the raid they are usually able to do (with overgeared-> less dps for the gear-> still can clear because of normal enrage timer)
  2. Are you saying that people with 1 character only will be happy with this kind of event? What does this have anything to do with how many characters do you have? People with X number of characters (X<=5), will only get maximum of X no of vials per week, and the effort IS SCALEABLE. So how does it be relevant with how many characters do you have? 1 person with 1 character will be ok with this event? Having to AFK 30-35 hours a week , spend hundreds (500g) for baits, wasted the electricity, and then only to get 1 vial per week? Are you sure????? People will laugh seriously.
  3. NC will react: Don't want afk stuff? Fine, we give you remnant similar event whereby you can only exchange maximum of 5 vials per account for the whole event. The point is, NO MORE 1 VIAL PER CHARACTER (MAX 5 per week) for you You need vials to upgrade your Soul/Heart to maximum (need 160 oils each from previous tier), You are all welcome to buy them From F10, we have them almost every week! Or else, look forward to our new May Hongmoon Stores updates for pouches or treasure boxes for you to grab (WITH YOUR REAL DOLLARS OF COURSE)!
  4. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as wrongly calculated. Don't know what the developer is thinking. So no such thing as mistake, THIS IS WORKING AS INTENDED. Purpose? Go and ask the community manager and see what is his reply.
  5. Seriously? AFK 5 hrs a day per char again? Why on earth you keep doing this? Look, someone calculated at other place that you need 700g worth of auto-baits (if you do daily challenges/weekly challenges) and you need 850g+ if you only do fishing for ONE single sacred vial. WHAT The ****? why do you keep this stupid trend of making our lives so difficult and making people to think twice to play this game because it is so hard to get all the stuffs you need to upgrade your items? (vials/pet packs) don't get me wrong, i spent my money (A LOT) to buy them too from F5/F10, but I also participate in events because playing the game (real, not AFK fishing and wasting Electricity) is FUN, and I Feel rewarded when my hard work gives me the stuffs I need to upgrade my soul/heart/pet/talisman. out of all the so much complaints on the last time you did this event (Dark hearts event), you literally DO NOT change anything this time round, keeping that 1800 pearls per event currency and that 83 event currencies per vial. SERIOUSLY????????? And yet everytime you say "WE HEAR YOU"???????
  6. pet gem bundle experience

    Wawwww... so bad????? you opened so many of them! And also, why on earth pvp pet gem should be inside??? @Cyanseriously? you should separate between pvp and pve.
  7. Increase rewards for elder scales?

    I agree with you that the number needed is crazy to farm, but I guess that is the direction now for the game. No more reduction but more farming. Less rewards as you get stronger and stronger and run the dailies/dungeons faster, and hence we will not further reduce the mats (Oils/packs/gem powders/scales/etc) or you will have nothing to do soon and you will play less. Btw, shame on the guy who tried to talk out of you but got the history wrong :P
  8. Cowards devs/staff

    Agreed. Definitely carried. It's impossible to get endgame gear within one month with only 1 character, and F2P. How to get 200 oils = 100,000 g in 1 month withh only 1 character and he is new player? Not to mention you have to buy all your Hive queen's hearts + Grand celestial steels from F5 market since only 1 month is impossible to get >100 of them to upgrade to end game gear.
  9. Cowards devs/staff

    LOL LOL LOL. In every thread that I had read, many members are already very reasonable and very objective and give arguments that are understandable for normal people: Complaints about ninja-changing that NC has been doing, complaints about how bad the communication is (the fact that NC/Community people just keep quiet or respond very2 slowly), saying the event is so sucked with clear proof and comparison with previous events, saying why reduce this reward that reward and make it more difficult to obtain what were originally easier to obtain, etc etc. Out of 100 complaining threads I had read for 2 years+, 99 of them are very reasonable and very understandable, and representing the thinking of most normal players and majority of F2P players. People already argue with clear arguments and reasonable facts every time, which should be responded by NC/Community/Devs with arguments that MAKE SENSE, instead of just KEEPING QUIET or avoiding to respond and YET SAYING THAT they read everything and LISTEN to community. BUT then someone always comes out with non-sense arguments which are against 99% of the population in forum, and yet that person always do it again and again and of course people get tired of him and label him white-knight. But now someone thinks people call him white-knight just because they don't have enough arguments to counter? Really? People call that person white-knight because people are FED UP with your way of defending people with unreasonable arguments that ARE OPPOSITE to what most people are feeling/thinking. It shows people just want to stop talking to him and yet that person has no shame but keep showing up with non-reasonable arguments that are NO WAY representing the community idea/feeling/thoughts and might mislead other forum silent readers into thinking that there is still 50:50 of population supporting what NC/Devs/company are doing. Yes I write without quoting because I am lazy to quote that person and hopefully he will stop quoting me too if he still has shame and mirror.
  10. LOL. I dont believe it is still there too. Run CS/HM around 10x a day, for like 1 month, didn't see one since many weeks ago.
  11. Cowards devs/staff

    It is hard earning gold for new player when you dont have other income other than f8 dailies and getting kicked out from all DST and above. Without knowing anyone and any friend to help you. You said you self people might play for fun, where is the fun without knowing anyone? (NEW PLAYER aka totally new, not being carried by friends) Good for you if you didn't go through that phase, which prob means you were carried by friends at the start of playing this game, or you played since 4 years ago, or 3 years ago when Naryu Sanctum was still 15g or because no one kicks you for doing Avalanche Den as daily and you can get your daily challanges completed easily. And oil price was 180-200g.
  12. Cowards devs/staff

    In all honesty, please don't quote me anymore then because I am tired of your never end attitude of 'any other problem is player problem, not NC problem, you should never complain/blame them, just live with it' kind of thing. Since you don't intend to 'realize' that majority doesn't agree with you and you still think you are right over many cases. That is annoying for people. It is fine to agree to disagree, but don't sound like you are the 1 most right when 99 other man think otherwise, it gives wrong impression to others. For me I will just stop and keep quiet if 99 other people disagree with me and I will put a big mirror on my face and reflect on myself whether my thinking is correct or not, like that I evolve to be a better person.
  13. @Cyan what the person said above is the most viable solution for this issue. If it is true that your company actually really care about the community, with so much feedback, and with dev team unwilling to make the change, there is no reason for not giving free dark hearts daily for us. Because we believe you can control F10 hongmoon store. If even that is not done, then one can only conclude that the noise is probably not loud enough....
  14. Cowards devs/staff

    yes that is before, with more oils free from events, price of oils are cheaper. If this event trend keeps going on, like this current event, you see if those f2p players can max their soul? You still trying to justify it? HELLOW? I am new player, I have no raid let alone selling raid, i only know i can go to f8 and complete daily challenges to get some gold, but people keep kicking me from upper level dungeons that give more gold, hellow??? plenty of ways for new players????? hellow???? are you serious? and don't always use argument that latest gear is not required to clear any content in game. people play the game to excel and become strong. you play a game, you want to be strong and get the best gear available, if not you play game for what? if you dont aim to excel yourself in the game, why event bother to start this discussion about people complaining about the event that in the past is used by f2p players to excel in game. Go ahead and keep trying to justify yourself, see if other people actually agree with you. If 0 people actually agree with you, you probably should reflect on yourself. :3
  15. Fishing needed on alts?

    Yes you don't read forums unfortunately. I understand why Zuzuzuzu replied that way, because there had been many threads with detailed calculations on it. You should read other threads since last week on this event