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  1. I liked the tokens you could exchange for rewards. It was nice being able to pick what I wanted. I have no idea why they never bring that back.
  2. If matches took 30 minutes to find a similar rated player, people high rated would have to wait even longer since there are fewer high rated players. I think the system works well for me. I would rather fight a known high rated player and try and get better, than staring at a timer hoping to get a fair match. It seems a lot of the time I fight against a similar rated player, it is really a good high rated player ranking an alt, or someone that de-ranked to find quicker matches anyway.
  3. Feedback Delay

    Typically on projects I have worked on, being in a completely separate time zone makes communication difficult, since working hours do not align.
  4. Seems most people don't feel this event is worthwhile or enjoyable. The price for materials has dropped significantly to make it barely worth logging in for. I personally think it is nice to be able complete Mushin's Tower and Outlaw Island on alts I don't know how to play, since I like the outfits, but I don't think most people care about that. I doubt they would modify drop rates this far into the event, but that or reducing the cost to align with rewards would help I think.
  5. Heavenly Match. Put in F10 pls!

    It looks like they added a dyeable version of this outfit to the game files recently, so I assume this would come back soon.
  6. It seems mostly filler event I don't care much for. Lagging a bit to not do enough damage and not getting credit. Celestial basin works better so they should have used that contribution formula. Separating into two sets of currency is poor design to me. Grinding mobs is alright for main when you are alone, but with more people you just wait around trying to tag mobs first. Low geared story alts would take too long to kill 5 mil hp mobs to make it worthwhile in my opinion. I like the concept since it is nice to bring new life to past content but not very enjoyable as far as the execution of the event. See what is next I guess.
  7. Inferno Outfit

    A change to this would be nice. I don't mind the cost really. I started ranking my clan, but ran out of insignias. Faction content is not very enjoyable for me. I would also need to run foundry however many times so I lost motivation to ever try for it.
  8. This change is amazing for me. I farmed over 275 boxes without Wild Horse. That was just ridiculous. These cosmetics have been available for years and some in trove and some in merchant of wonders. I see zero issues with it.
  9. Finally a non rng method for Wild Horse. Praise be unto you.
  10. Another 60 boxes no outfit on top of the 200 + before. Please help.
  11. I have played this way since launch. It was great even progressing at a snail's pace was fine and I really enjoyed it. I made thousands of gold and collected hundreds of cosmetics. I figured it would hit this point so I am not surprised.
  12. Yeah my sub was canceled after seeing this patch. I like to just play casually and this took away all forms of progression from my play style.
  13. I am not sure about that. I just know that once I entered the code it did not show up in the apply list so it seems to have activated it immdiately.
  14. The code shows as being used in the history but previous codes showed up in a list that I could apply later.
  15. Mine applied automatically. It didn'thave the option to apply later like previous codes.