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  1. New Event POV

    That event was Be Ido idea...
  2. Stream VS Patch notes

    They looked at the price and thought it was too cheap and decided to increase it, however they forgot that there is a chance of failure.
  3. Received Items

    Same with me.
  4. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Servers are not supporting the current player base. Consolidation = annoying server lag incoming.
  5. Only one fail, only one ping spike = 6 to 8 stacks eating near 30k of your life per second for 30 sec. This game more insane each passing day.
  6. Fire KFM simplified combat controls

    Yes, just disable comet strike from martial tome.
  7. The answer in forum is simple, who can farm will be against. They do not want to lose the method of making gold. Send your request to support.
  8. Small patch and Maintenance

    I lost my dungeon.. :´(