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  1. maybe @Green Storm will make a stream that we all see him and talk more there. its a greate way to be accepted in community and also gain more trust and respect
  2. Hello @Hime from what i saw in patch notes we will get materials to upgrade grand celestial weapon from new story but what will happend with all alts i have done story before u guys NC Soft development team decide to change the weapon from exalted in grand celestial stage 1 can we salvage exalted weapon we got before u replaced with grand celestial cuz i dont get it its not fair ...
  3. In my opinion to stop abuse this dungeon and exploit it should be took out from list of heroic dungeons and replace with other dungeon , maybe H0 NS or warped citadel. Think about that @Hime since all dungeons have now the same reward's in easy normal and hard i dont see the difference to replace TC with something else witch can't be exploited.
  4. Good Question @Hime how it looks this outfit since in the yasterday stream you tell us more about your lifetime like it was a social stream not a preview patch for UE4
  5. can be implemented an exchange gem at the shops if we get duplicate gems? or allow us to salvage them into coins back or increse drop rate. i have like 12 duplicates and soon i burn out with this region its very annoying to get a chest in 12 hours or in a sad case to farm 600 emblems to get a duplicate the effort u put in is not rewardable @Hime thx
  6. First of all hi everyone, @Hime I have a suggestion for leak of some toi token's and the old fuison badge's. 1. i like if they implement a system that allow us to change token's betwen them at npc in mushin that allow us to purchese badges 2. give us the oportunity to salvage non fused badges for tokens 3. f5 market is too expensive for purchese i have 3 badges fused that i dont use them anymore and i like to salvage them and create something else with those tokene's please feel free to express your self on this topic i want this to get
  7. flamewalker pet @Hime plizzzzzzz
  8. i dont get any error i start client , log on char selection press start client close instant... 32 bits work for mee to but honestly i prefer stop playing this game instade of play on 32 bits and get crash on every foot step in game
  9. now the few day's past from this event called "portal face smasher" i have a few idea's for future if this area will come back cuz at this point there wont be any change's. OK here are: 1. make this event be like koldrak open multiple time's during the day but characters who enter once that day become bound and can't enter another hour again during that day til server reset next day. 2. never bring back this event 3. if option 1 is good then don't implement resets for this :) 4. remove pvp from this event and reduce the rewards
  10. i am so glad i left this game for this reason's why the F do u need to pay 10 g for pvp zone and re pay 10 g if u die and tbh u will die a lot in this trash event but anyway this is my point of view as a pleyer who left 2 months ago or maybe more dont remeber but i like to see the bullS*** of ncwest post here with the 4th year on west. in my opinion the event should be pure pve we already have whaleground in 6v6 why would we need another 1 as a event!!! with this event il skip again another 2-3 month's of bns hope is forever with this kind of event's Cius!
  11. i guess with this patch i will remain with heart at awake stage 1 forever cuz im not whaling to grind now for pts too... all rebalancing or cost reduction finished in more expensive then before better let all equipment like they are and let us alone with this BS u bring every patch Bye!
  12. put flame walker pet in f10 again... it past some time didn't see
  13. i agree to remove limitation on sacred vial's spacialy when an alt frendly event is going on.... i have 11 char's also i invested time in them so i can do events with them but now i can use only 5 so sad
  14. Hi this is my character https://next.bnstree.com/character/eu/SirKenzo i play guardian spec i runned like 8 times in that day i posted and all 8 runs pad's were missing
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