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  1. Event upgrade materials limits

    i agree to remove limitation on sacred vial's spacialy when an alt frendly event is going on.... i have 11 char's also i invested time in them so i can do events with them but now i can use only 5 so sad
  2. Blackram Supply Chain missing pad's

    Hi this is my character i play guardian spec i runned like 8 times in that day i posted and all 8 runs pad's were missing
  3. Hi, Today i came on this old dungeon to farm outfit and i descover there are missing pad's to continue progres u can fly to the next door like i do but if there are new players? I let the video in to see what im talk about and i want to confirm if its a real bug or is my game.
  4. About oils transmute

    they should implement a new transmutation to craft sacred vial witch can't be sale and the purpose is to use for u i would like to see that cuz i dont make oils for sell i need them for me on a cheeper material's cost
  5. NCWest rly need to do something wit this game optimisation with my pc spec with all settings at 1 only textures and character details on 5 cuz if i put those on 1 too game look's horible then a game released in 2000 ... my pc spec's Ryzen 7 2700x 3,8 16gb ddr4 3000 mhz rx570 4 gb at 256 bits and i run this game on a SSD m.2 i also run the game with bns buddy and in dungeons ,raids(mostly when the burst starts),very populatede area's and some portion's of some map's frame drop is horible its low down to like 10-15 fps for first 10 -15 sec .... why this game must be such a thing compared with most of the new released game's then BNS... i just hope they will focus on they'r game on West to optimize cuz i dont see any other fun to play this anymore
  6. As title say i saw there is a know issue with this patch but for those who upgraded thery earring with this bug live (icluded my self) we will get discount back or it's on our risk if we braketrough on that price? i'd like to know cuz support team told me to came here and post this to discuss.
  7. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    can u stop came on every post and be the one who think is the baba yaga and know everyting on BNS aka NCWEST is good as copy paste from korea.... please stop compare EU/NA with korea
  8. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    he's ideea for longui stage 4 is really nice i hope NCWEST can implement this what he explain in he's video so please @Cyan @Hime join us casual players and give us a feedback also
  9. Obsidian Gem Price

    Also ToI now can drop Garnet and Obsedian
  10. Also animate wing's when u windwalk too not just when we glide i think this will be a nice option too
  11. Hello community since we already have 5 solo dungeons I think we could get a revamp on rewards and 10 MS crystals could go to the next levels. What do you think? @Babbletr0n ‏@liinxy ‏
  12. Game freezes and shuts down after few minutes

    i have the same issue for long time , but i gave up on that i searched everything on internet no clue how to resolve that i have day's when i get freez like this and after the crash error like 3-4 times per day this issue i have only on BNS other games i play have no problem. if u guys get any help with this problem just let a comment.
  13. FPS Optimization, Nvidia GPU (non-client mod)

    i made this changes to my setup and work's fine for me
  14. Hi i have some sugestions for remaster DC and weekly challange 1. Dragon Express items with Solar Energy (put new items like blood perl , sea glass , silver scale , HQ wings , HQ hearts , Aransu Orbs) also the Square elemental gems are outdated pentagonal gems too just put only Hexa's for all type of gems 2. Daily reward since we dont have any more gold chance in chest you should consolidate the other rewards and remove the unnecesary things from there like: twilight flowers ... super outdated and put some new materials (blood perl , sea glass , silver scale fragments) 3. Weekly should be more rewarder since is 1 per week here you can put some materials like ( 2 raven king soul 1 HQ heart some aransu orbs silver scale fragments blood perl) things that 75% of current base players need this. 4. Tresure pouches need a touch on moonstone crystals drop rate very low (since they are a prority in every upgrade) 5. Complet other sugestions that u have in mind Please dont hate and try give a positive feedback here that would help more than hate!