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  1. i dont get any error i start client , log on char selection press start client close instant... 32 bits work for mee to but honestly i prefer stop playing this game instade of play on 32 bits and get crash on every foot step in game
  2. New Justice Emblem

    Same problem ...
  3. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    now the few day's past from this event called "portal face smasher" i have a few idea's for future if this area will come back cuz at this point there wont be any change's. OK here are: 1. make this event be like koldrak open multiple time's during the day but characters who enter once that day become bound and can't enter another hour again during that day til server reset next day. 2. never bring back this event 3. if option 1 is good then don't implement resets for this :) 4. remove pvp from this event and reduce the rewards 5. make 2 channel's / area's 1for pvp-pve and 1 pve only and let us choose witch 1 we want enter ofc with some tweek's on reward's better loot on pvp-pve and a bit lower on pve side only since is a peacefull area u can farm with no stres 2 hours that's my opinion's on how this event can work on both side's of player base pvp/pve
  4. Another whale exclusive event only

    i am so glad i left this game for this reason's why the F do u need to pay 10 g for pvp zone and re pay 10 g if u die and tbh u will die a lot in this trash event but anyway this is my point of view as a pleyer who left 2 months ago or maybe more dont remeber but i like to see the bullS*** of ncwest post here with the 4th year on west. in my opinion the event should be pure pve we already have whaleground in 6v6 why would we need another 1 as a event!!! with this event il skip again another 2-3 month's of bns hope is forever with this kind of event's Cius!
  5. Will of Iron: Items and Systems Changes Preview

    i guess with this patch i will remain with heart at awake stage 1 forever cuz im not whaling to grind now for pts too... all rebalancing or cost reduction finished in more expensive then before better let all equipment like they are and let us alone with this BS u bring every patch Bye!
  6. F10

    put flame walker pet in f10 again... it past some time didn't see
  7. Event upgrade materials limits

    i agree to remove limitation on sacred vial's spacialy when an alt frendly event is going on.... i have 11 char's also i invested time in them so i can do events with them but now i can use only 5 so sad
  8. Blackram Supply Chain missing pad's

    Hi this is my character i play guardian spec i runned like 8 times in that day i posted and all 8 runs pad's were missing
  9. Hi, Today i came on this old dungeon to farm outfit and i descover there are missing pad's to continue progres u can fly to the next door like i do but if there are new players? I let the video in to see what im talk about and i want to confirm if its a real bug or is my game.
  10. About oils transmute

    they should implement a new transmutation to craft sacred vial witch can't be sale and the purpose is to use for u i would like to see that cuz i dont make oils for sell i need them for me on a cheeper material's cost
  11. NCWest rly need to do something wit this game optimisation with my pc spec with all settings at 1 only textures and character details on 5 cuz if i put those on 1 too game look's horible then a game released in 2000 ... my pc spec's Ryzen 7 2700x 3,8 16gb ddr4 3000 mhz rx570 4 gb at 256 bits and i run this game on a SSD m.2 i also run the game with bns buddy and in dungeons ,raids(mostly when the burst starts),very populatede area's and some portion's of some map's frame drop is horible its low down to like 10-15 fps for first 10 -15 sec .... why this game must be such a thing compared with most of the new released game's then BNS... i just hope they will focus on they'r game on West to optimize cuz i dont see any other fun to play this anymore
  12. As title say i saw there is a know issue with this patch but for those who upgraded thery earring with this bug live (icluded my self) we will get discount back or it's on our risk if we braketrough on that price? i'd like to know cuz support team told me to came here and post this to discuss.
  13. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    can u stop came on every post and be the one who think is the baba yaga and know everyting on BNS aka NCWEST is good as copy paste from korea.... please stop compare EU/NA with korea
  14. Burning Mausoleum and Sacred Longgui Stage 4+

    he's ideea for longui stage 4 is really nice i hope NCWEST can implement this what he explain in he's video so please @Cyan @Hime join us casual players and give us a feedback also
  15. Obsidian Gem Price

    Also ToI now can drop Garnet and Obsedian