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    oof I cant play without a mouse its a must for me
  2. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Hell yeah! :D
  3. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    What are the quest rewards?
  4. Just a quick shout out for NCWest staff

  5. When is next trove?

    Dang it! I came back at the wrong time then... Oh well, thanks for the info anyways.
  6. When is next trove?

  7. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    Pvp zone? 300 players? mega lag?!?! I already know there will be a whale camping the zone hunting for newbies/ average players..I'll skip this one it will be just like cache panda village when it first released.
  8. why don't you release a test server on north america

    never gonna happen bud
  9. A Quick Update From Nico

    rip hype
  10. anyone know when they gonna nerf bms ?

    I do
  11. Will Unreal Engine 4 be only available on 45 content server?

    Why are you asking this here? how the hell are we supposed to know?? Nobody is forcing to jump on the new server and quit wasting your time speculating and just wait for official news.
  12. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Oh no... a Na merge.... There is a reason my friend paid to change servers...she said yura is BAD If this merge is really gonna happen PLEASE EXPAND THE BLOCK LIST!!!!
  13. Show off your characters!!

    so many lyns
  14. stage 10 jackpot outfit chest selection .,..need better outfits

    Add Viceroy, remix, and demoniac to the jackpot or put em in the store rotation been wanting to get my hands on those for months now!
  15. The Farewell

    At least check back in when UE4 comes anyways thanks for all the guides you helped a noob like me out big time!