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  1. I just did the revamped BC and all the new players in the party rage quit at the first boss... Devs should probably revert these dungeon changes cause this isn't looking good for the next few weeks
  2. Russia got 2 appearance change vouchers for free! I was expecting that we would get at least 1 with the UE4 update cause it makes sense that some ppl might be unhappy with the way their characters look after the update 😕
  3. Everyone has the right to complain if they are upset.
  4. That's not true for everything. For example Sightseer hasn't been around for almost 2 years....😤
  5. oof I cant play without a mouse its a must for me
  6. Dang it! I came back at the wrong time then... Oh well, thanks for the info anyways.
  7. Pvp zone? 300 players? mega lag?!?! I already know there will be a whale camping the zone hunting for newbies/ average players..I'll skip this one it will be just like cache panda village when it first released.
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