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  1. Wow!! This looks amazing! I love the choice of colors, and I especially really love the bright red that the fiends have. Really makes them pop out. Also the weapons you picked for them are really cool, and match very well. Love this. I'm glad that you were able to bring this concept to life! ❤️
  2. :/ my antivirus wasn't on, so i don't think it was that.
  3. Only 32bit works, I get "the game executable cannot be found. Please check the file location and try again" error whenever i try running 64. "cilent.exe" is missing from bin64 all of a sudden. repairing the game didn't work, nor did reinstalling the game. So if anyone else is having this issue and managed to figure out a fix, I'd super appreciate the help. I'm dumb as hell, so. LOL I did not have this issue before the update. :/
  4. Is the "DDOS" also the reason why my fps has been terrible? Before the DDOS (which I think started on Halloween), I'd have pretty good fps (80+). Now I get like... 15-25, 30 if I'm lucky when I'm doing dungeons and stuff. ;-; It's super annoying..
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