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Audio in new cutscenes is too low


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All audio in the new cutscenes is controlled by the "Sound Effects" slider, but this also controls all combat sounds (and more) outside of cutscenes, and setting it so that combat isn't obnoxiously loud makes some of the dialogue in the new cutscenes inaudible (not to mention sound effects in cutscenes appear to be about one fifth the volume of similar sound effects outside). If it's impossible to split cutscene volume to its own slider, then their audio should be balanced to the rest of the game.

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On 3/23/2023 at 8:46 AM, DenialOfTruth said:

Not to mention a lot of the subtitles don't match the voice lines either. For something that got delayed over two months, there sure is a lack of refinement.

delayed or even completely different. VA really slacked lines this time.


as for volume: how can this even happen? new studio?

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