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Hongmoon Store (f10) have no "Today's Specials" items since last maintenance

Piggy osu

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On 2/15/2023 at 12:57 AM, Piggy osu said:

Title, it has been like this since maintenance.

So what's up with this?  No one has sad anything.  unfortunately, it's like this after every maintenance, but it usually doesn't last more than a few hours.  With maintenance taking multiple hours, you'd think they'd be able to get this in place by the time the system came back up.


So what's going on -- why are things like this that are glaringly messed up not fixed more promptly?  Maybe they could fix outfit rotation in cosmetics at the same time?...

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hopefully admins know about this issue because no one has said a thing - items that heavily rely on getting purchased in f5 marketplace has their price driven up significantly. A simple "we're aware of this issue and are working on a fix" would be really nice.


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11 hours ago, Saito Sacchi said:

umm, not a bug though. They removed chances to farm SoulStones, so it is more a supply and demand thing here.


Still remains an issue which is also discussed in this forum and ignored ^^

I'm not saying soulstone price rising is a bug, but it sure seems to correlate with soulstones no longer being available for purchase in daily deals.

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oh, well. In that case: yes! concluding my initial statement then:


SoulStones are an important part in many recipes used to advance right now.  mainly transformation stones but also pts, pets, etc. with skipping new pvp zone [yeah KR had replacement which already been scrapped there again, yet we never seen] ppl jump on setting higher prices alltogether. at this point [on certain ones] we still have plenty SoulStones left, but gold inflation in mind prices naturally will go up.


Sacred Orbs slowly start to dry out too, never seen so many ppl actively seeking them. yet putting them in daily deals which isnt bugged out anymore does not solve the issue. now we pay to get essential materials either way, while NC lowering chances to accumulate HMcoins and stuff. which in itself again is intended and less of a bug. Have people grind a little harder, so they are much more invested and less likely to abandon us when we bail out on the announced bimonthly content updates [not going there again trhough].


Lets assume atleast this thread was solved. As far as daily deals quality however I beg to differ....


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