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I think this is the tabu of bns today...

Because, there is no place to farm scales.

When i say "farm" is to do something the entire day and get a good amount for that.


There is any eficient way to do farm scales nowadays? Or its just a mecanism of money of boxes and trove?


** For the third time, i'm bored of the game because i can't evolve my gear because of a p2w **** mecanic , i'm stuck in the place because of that.

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3 hours ago, lillvargen said:

that is not a p2w mechanic


you get scale boxes from dailies and weeklies, you can go open world dungeons and get more

Hmm, so, to upgrade only my heart i need 208 of the orange one and ~160 of the purple one. 
With only daillyes, it ll take like 60 days if i do every thing every day (something that i cant).

I agree of the normal and hard dungeons, but i tryed pub runs and they are paying 1k~3k per box when it drops, something like i cant aford, unfortunatly...


A good time ago, the blue scale was farmed on  bloody chamber , 1 ~ 3 per run. At this time, before my friends quit the game, we farmed every thing we needed to upgrade the gear. But again, i tried some clans, and others things to make new friends again and i failed because people just want to do dailes... And run demonsbane.


It's just too sad, i fell like only me need scales lol

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