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F3 ate my Colorful Silks outfit


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As the title says Greenstorm, my F3 ate my copy of Colourful Silks. I had a copy before the arcana outfit rng box was introduced and I only realized today that F3 ate my copy. I have confirmed with a friend who owns a copy of the outfit in question that salvages for fabrics A.K.A straight buy from F10 store and their copy is still intact. I believe this is only an issue with copies that salvage for designer threads, as my copy was an rng box copy and was bugged to not be able to be stored in F3. Sadly mine was in F3 when the bug was introduced. 
Please if you could look into this I would really appreciate it for me and anyone else who got their copy eaten by their F3. I sent a ticket to support with proof of me owning and wearing the outfit so I can try and get my copy back but I would still like this to be thoroughly investigated as I am deeply saddened to lose this outfit. It was my most special and most treasured outfit on my character and I am really hurt this happened.




The most recent photo I could find of my character wearing it.

Thank you Greenstorm for anything you can do to help, it is greatly appreciated.

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Related: Years ago the Heart Attack Illusion weapon skins all got deleted from all characters; I was one of the people who bought the bundle and claimed the weapon skins on each class I had a character for and now they're all gone (except for the ones I left in account mail because I didn't have characters of those classes at the time).

I reported this years ago in a ticket and they said they'ed elevate it, and then heard nothing. They directly sold cosmetics for cash and then just deleted them and refuse to fix. (What I suspect happened was that they changed the name of the slot with the cosmetics still in the slot -- I do remember there being a different name for like one patch at some point -- and then they hid that slot and made a new one with the original name again, so the cosmetics still exist in some hidden slot and they just aren't shown or accessible.)

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I got resolution but for anyone else missing their outfit ticket support and explain that you own the outfit and you can't see it and ask them to move it to your inventory. That's what they did for me. So ask for help too anyone in my shoes missing Colorful Silks.

But there needs to be a fix to this bug so that people don't need to keep ticketing support just to see their outfit again.

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