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Hello BnS Community, 


i realy love to create  good Blade & Soul pictures, i'm not very talented when it comes to draw, but i love to be creative.

This is my way of showing some creativity. 

i try to find new places where i can make photos, aswell i have a good amount of outfits which i try to combinate to have something unique.

most of my pictures are theme based. 

my pictures i upload most of the time on discord and twitter, i would be appreciated if you could give me some feedback (any kind) on my pictures i would love to hear of you.

as far i know it was planned to have a Member Album here in forum but it seems it's not ready yet so i will post for now my pictures here ^^ 


Member Albums - Blade & Soul Forums /alread uploaded some but it seems to be disabled for now\



thank you! 




to start of, this is one of my newest 




btw if you guys have something you want to show i would realy love to see your work here 🙂

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