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guys please help


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Guys, I need all 1-8 ss in Scarlet Conservatory, but no one sells only them.. I have no friends and clan, it’s so hard to find someone.. I know that only they are sold for 3k gold, but they write me 5-6k gold. Please, help.. :shy:

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You're out of luck there. If you only want to buy the soul shields, that means you take an entire raid for yourself, which means they can't sell the badge, necklace and weapon material to other people who would be willing to pay very good sums for those. So for them it's either make a 1.5k+ profit per raid member, or cut you a deal where you pay say 6k, which is 500 gold per raid member. It's not that they don't want to sell the soul shields as a set to you for cheap, it's that they can't. You're literally looking for a raid that is willing to sell the mat and badge internally to someone of their own who needs these for some alt or whatever. That's an extremely rare case from what I've heard. I'd say post your offer in the BnS Raid Recruitment channel and see if someone contacts you, as people who can do ET and are willing to do what you ask of, are situated there. Good luck ;)

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